Siriki Syrah 2014

Wine: Red
Year: 2014
Price (ex winery, VAT included): 15,00 Euro
Yearly production (bottles): 7000 bottles
Designation: IGT Terre Siciliane
Ageing: 2 years in stainless steel vats and six months in the bottle
Grapes (%)/: Syrah 100%

Francesco Spadafora, owner of our favourite Sicilian winery, has an ace in the hole with this great wine that everyone will talk about soon, in our opinion, because it represents one of the most successful examples of sulphite free wine. We already knew Francesco is a great interpreter of Syrah, which finds in Virzì its perfect habitat, but his first sulphite free experience shows us that his “being organic” facilitated him in the transition towards a style of wine that is very difficult to produce properly. His Syrah Siriki is made of grapes coming from a single vineyard located 300 m above sea level. No sulphite is added on the grapes, not during fermentation nor during the bottling process.
The result is a wine that has a great freshness at the nose, with evident scents of mixed berries (currant and blueberry), but also a clear spicy fragrance of rose pepper. In mouth it is very well balanced and rounded, and you can taste that flavour of ripe red fruits. We paired it with an excellent chicken curry stew. This exotic combination was definitely well worth it.


Francesco Spadafora is a winemaker and owner of the family company inherited from his father. The first bottle is produced in 1993 and it’s named ‘’Don Pietro’’ after his father, and in here is synthesized the philosophy that Francesco has pursued during all these years: respect for the person in front of you, even when this respect is not reciprocal, respect for the land cultivated in organic agriculture and respect for the organic wine, using very small quantities of sulfur dioxide, sometimes even managing to completely avoid using it. Francesco, who writes in the third person, because he believes that “Me” is often an unnecessary emphasis, is glad to travel around the world with his bottle to communicate his passion, but he is truly happy when he is in the vineyard, or in the cellar, working with his favorite music. This is Francesco Spadafora and this is the unusual introduction of a company, that though hard work and dedication, managed to collect many different prestigious awards and touched the heart of a large number of wine lovers.

Azienda dei Principi di Spadafora
via Ausonia 90, 90144, Palermo
Tel.: +39 091514952
Fax: +39 0916703360