Sole dei Padri Sicilia igt 2008

Wine: Red
Year: 2008
Price (ex winery, VAT included): 35 Euro
Annual production (bottle): 9000
Aging: 12 months in barrel and 24 months in bottle
Designation: Sicilia IGT
Grapes (%): Syrah 100%

Sunny was my father, sunny is my daughter, generous is the earth and generous is Syrah. This is written on the back label of Sole dei Padri, a wine that can be well considered an icon of Sicilian winemaking. The one who wrote these words is the same one who produces this wine, Francesco Spadafora, he himself has a sunny personality and so is the style of his wines. This is a wine that proves more than words how Sicily, and Monreale area specifically, represents the perfect cradle for producing high quality Syrah. A vine variety, often victim of temporary trends, that today has the chance to rediscover its authentic soul and its success thanks to interpretations like Sole dei Padri. It is obtained, important to know, by a single vineyard located at 400 m above sea level with an extremely limited production (around 7.000 bottles). Extraordinary is the year 2008 that shows the potential longevity of this wine, if produced with the same care they have at Spadafora. At the nose you can smell an explosion of mature mixed berries, blackberry and blueberry above all, but also elegant spicy notes of pink pepper and vanilla. In mouth it tastes warm and pleasantly velvety, but there is an austere part in it that makes it elegant but not ordinary. The food pairing we chose for it was simple and perfect at the same time: a fine dinner with Ragusano cheese aged one year, another taste of Sicily that perfectly matches this wine.


Francesco Spadafora is a winemaker and owner of the family company inherited from his father. The first bottle is produced in 1993 and it’s named ‘’Don Pietro’’ after his father, and in here is synthesized the philosophy that Francesco has pursued during all these years: respect for the person in front of you, even when this respect is not reciprocal, respect for the land cultivated in organic agriculture and respect for the organic wine, using very small quantities of sulfur dioxide, sometimes even managing to completely avoid using it. Francesco, who writes in the third person, because he believes that “Me” is often an unnecessary emphasis, is glad to travel around the world with his bottle to communicate his passion, but he is truly happy when he is in the vineyard, or in the cellar, working with his favorite music. This is Francesco Spadafora and this is the unusual introduction of a company, that though hard work and dedication, managed to collect many different prestigious awards and touched the heart of a large number of wine lovers.

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