Tasting for you Mercoledi 27 Gennaio 2021

Italian wines in the world: Azienda Vinicola Anna Spinato's Prosecco DOC Rosè Millesimato Brut Brut

We have tasted for you Azienda Vinicola Anna Spinato's Prosecco DOC Rosè Millesimato Brut Brut

Scheda tecnica

  • Name: Prosecco DOC Rosè Millesimato Brut Brut
  • Color: Rosè
  • Year of production: 2019
  • Price: 4,35 euros + vat
  • Annual production: 8.000 bottles in 2019
  • Denomination: DOC Prosecco
  • Aging: no aging, 60 days second fermentation in autoclave
  • Grapes: 85% Glera, 15% Pinot Nero

Prosecco Rosé entered the market a few months ago. We have long wondered if this new type of Prosecco would make sense without penalizing its historical identity. As usual, the answer lies not so much in principles but in the concrete product. We absolutely found this answer in Anna Spinato's Prosecco doc Rosè brut Millesimato 2019. This is a Prosecco Rosé obtained from 85% Glera and 15% Pinot Nero that best express the characteristics of this type of wine with that perfect mix between the velvety softness of Glera and the fragrance and acidity of Pinot Noir. 

If we add to this the excellent Anna Spinato’s choice to opt for the Brut version which guarantees further freshness the final result is absolutely convincing. The color conquers you with that brilliant soft pink of great elegance. On the nose clear hints of rose but also of red fruits, especially raspberry and currant, as well as citrus sensations. In the mouth beautiful creaminess, harmony, but also excellent freshness and drinkability.

We paired it with a very tasty pasta with Cantabrian anchovies and it was perfect.

Company Profile
The story of Anna Spinato is the one of a Venetian family, animated by the passion for vines and the love for wine. Created by Pietro in 1952, today it is run by her daughter Anna who soon realized the potential of Venetian wines and decided to become an ambassador of the Italian wine in the world: a successful project, based on the fame and quality of Prosecco but capable of giving identity, value and prestige to the other wines of Veneto. Today, Anna Spinato is joined by her son Roberto and leads the expansion in the name of the Italian tradition following a strategic project based on the values ​​that the whole world recognises to the Italian style, made of good, beautiful and healthy things.
Always attentive to the processes of cultivation and vinification, Anna Spinato Winery is also characterized by a great sensitivity to interpret the evolution of taste in the international markets where today it exports the 97% of its production.
Anna Spinato’s range interprets local and international vines, is wide, articulated, complete and responds to a single constraint, that one dictated by the search for the highest quality of scents and flavours. A quality appreciated by customers and evidenced by the numerous awards achieved in prestigious international wine competitions.

Anna Spinato
Via Roma, 106, 31047 Ponte di Piave TV
Facebook: @AnnaSpinatoWinery
Instagram: annaspinato_winery