Tasting for you Venerdi 19 Novembre 2021

Italian wines in the world: Cantina Toblino's Baticor

We tasted it for you Cantina Toblino's Baticor

di Giovanna Romeo

Scheda tecnica

  • Name: Baticor
  • Color: Brilliant ruby red
  • Year of production: 2018
  • Price: 22.50 euros
  • Annual production: 3700 bottles
  • Denomination: Trentino Pinot Nero DOC
  • Aging: at least 10 months in small cask, several months in bottle
  • Grapes: 100% Pinot Nero

A good wine is an inner journey where you can taste the complex work to create it that feeds on land, love, climate, daily attention. A good wine is also the vine that opens up in the silence of nature to become color, consistency, finesse.

Baticor, Cantina Toblino's Pinot Nero, is the purity of the Valle dei Laghi that becomes sip, contentment, elegance. A concentrate of royal wine that stands out for its fabric, generating tactile sensations that evoke velvet, dressing languid and rarefied colors, brilliant shades of transparencies that communicate the cluster, its noble soul.

Baticor is the elegant attack of a savory mouth that has flowers and fruit at the same time; the wood is well dosed in an entirety built on a deep taste, a smooth tannin, summa and art form that evokes the Trentino context, a terroir that shows pride, refreshed by the incessant action of the Ora del Garda and Pelèr wind coming from the Adamello-Brenta Dolomites.

The ideal pairing  for us is with a delicious roast veal loin.

Company Profile

Cantina Toblino, the heart of viticulture in the Valle dei Laghi, was founded in 1960 at the behest of a group of passionate winemakers who glimpsed the great winemaking vocation of the Valle dei Laghi. To date, there are over 600 members-winemakers with almost 850 hectares of vineyards. The attention they pay daily to the care of the vineyard is high, a continuous manual work that requires passion, patience, great dedication and continuous training. For over 20 years, Cantina Toblino has managed the land of the Bishop's Mensa, a single block of 40 hectares under direct management, which for years has been cultivated according to the principles of organic viticulture. Today, over a third of the vineyards of Cantina Toblino's members are converted to organic, paying great attention to the environment, to people and to the care of the vineyard, producing grapes of the highest quality, a fundamental basis for the wines.

Cantina Toblino s.c.a
Via Longa, 1 – Fr. Sarche
38076 Madruzzo (TN)
T +39 0461 564168