Tasting for you Giovedi 03 Giugno 2021

Italian wines in the world: Cantina Roeno's Riesling Renano Collezione di Famiglia

We have tasted for you Cantina Roeno's Riesling Renano Collezione di Famiglia

Scheda tecnica

  • Name: Riesling Renano Collezione di Famiglia
  • Color: White
  • Year of production: 2016
  • Price: 32.00 euros
  • Annual production: almost 3320 bottles
  • Denomination: IGT
  • Aging: takes place for 18 months in large wooden barrels and for 36 months in the bottle
  • Grapes: 100% Riesling Renano

A 3320 bottles Limited Edition focuses on Riesling Renano, capturing the nuances of a perfect vintage like 2016. A different project through which to tell the passion for an intense grape variety capable of unrepeatable, never superficial sensory aspects, which is immense in the organoleptic endowment. The selection in the selection, the very small quantities, the choice of perfect grapes, the prolonged aging time between large woods and the bottle seal the best possible result towards excellence. Perfect viticultural conditions such as gravel and clay soils, altitudes of 500 meters above sea level, impeccable south-east exposure, have allowed this wine to be proudly defined as a "Family Collection". Although alcoholic fermentation is initiated by yeasts specially selected for the variety by the Geisenheim Institute, Cantina Roeno's Riesling Renano, tempered by the cold, finds its own uniqueness, taking shape according to an articulated stylistic code that is congruent with the area that characterizes it. We find the typical delicate organoleptic nuances composed of hints of hydrocarbon, without clouding the aromas of yellow peach, green apple, hawthorn, chamomile. Mineral mouth, perfectly balanced between the freshness of the deep verticality and the sapidity, for a happy ending that dialogues with pleasure.

An elegant wine, prince of extreme combinations; we tasted it with a grilled chicken. We also recommend it with scallops au gratin.

Company Profile

A unique identity that has been handed down for generations. The Fugatti family represents a sum of feelings that memory has handed down, beyond the bond of blood. A tree whose many branches have indicated the way to follow, in which respect and humility represent the values ​​not to be forgotten. On the banks of the Adige river, under the gaze of Monte Baldo, the Terradeiforti stretches out, a border outpost where nature designs a territory with an ancient and timeless charm. Don't stop. Experiment and dare. This is the summary of the recipe that has guided us so far. Renew without losing the thread of memories, challenging the future through the search for new stimuli and new goals to reach.


Cantina Roeno
Via Mama, 5 - Loc. Belluno Veronese
Tel: +39 045 723 01 10