Tasting for you Mercoledi 21 Luglio 2021

Italian Wines in the World: Cantina Siddùra's Spèra Vermentino di Gallura

We have tasted for you Cantina Siddùra's Spèra Vermentino di Gallura

Scheda tecnica

  • Name: Spèra
  • Color: white
  • Year of production: 2020
  • Price: 11.50 euros
  • Annual production: 130 mila bottiglie
  • Denomination: DOCG - Vermentino di Gallura
  • Aging: The grapes are harvested by hand in small baskets. After a soft pressing, the must ferments in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperature
  • Grapes: 100% vermentino

White flowers, peach, sage, laurel, hawthorn and caper. Spèra is a true summer solstice, a fresh and mineral expression that reflects the sandy soils, the wildest Gallura, the typicality of a Sardinia that marries the elements of the sky, the sea, the earth. On the other hand Siddùra has chosen the most authentic way to tell the Vermentino, letting the terroir speak with a vinification carried out in neutral containers, while the fine lees on which it rests for a few months increase the structure of the wine towards a dimension of fullness and intense verticality.

Siddùra winery, located near the medieval village of Luogosanto, tells the noble culture of wine every day, intercepting the beauty of faces, places and people. The cellar is perfectly underground to take advantage of the natural insulation given by the ground; fermentations, where possible, are spontaneous and take place in concrete tanks until the barrels are used.

Intense and brilliant straw yellow chalice, refined nose, rich and varietal palate,  Spèra becomes the guardian of the origin by conveying that desire to always produce  the most true and real wine.

Spèra is a nectar that finds full synergy with a thousand combinations. We have chosen to accompany it with a dish of fregola with seafood.


Comapany ProfileCompany Profile
Siddùra was born from the discovery made by two entrepreneurs who identified and fell in love with an abandoned but enchanting property in the heart of Gallura, collecting the legacy of an ancient wine production that in the fifties of the last century already bottled vermentino to sell on the nearby market . The company has made Sardinia a brand of purity, tradition, quality and innovation. Thirty hectares of vineyards that give life to a collection of nine wines: the vermentino of Gallura Spèra, Maìa and Bèru, the rosé cannonau Nudo, the cannonau, DOC and Riserva, Èrema and Fòla, the Cagnulari Bàcco, the international Tìros and the passito Nuali. The wines received over 350 medals.

Località Siddura, Luogosanto (OT), Sardegna
Tel.079 6573027