Tasting for you Mercoledi 14 Aprile 2021

Italian wines in the world: Cantina Toblino's Vènt

We have tasted for you Cantina Toblino’s Vènt

di Giovanna Romeo

Scheda tecnica

  • Name: Vent Extra Brut Trento Doc Millesimato
  • Color: Intense straw yellow
  • Year of production: 2017
  • Price: 24.50 euros
  • Annual production: 20.000 bottles
  • Denomination: Trento DOC
  • Aging: 36 months on the lees
  • Grapes: 100% Chardonnay

Vènt is a strong project that embodies a vision of passion and true knowledge: the creation of an organic wine which is born in Valle dei Laghi, where the air is healthy and fresh, and transmits the true acknowledgement of smells and aromas.

Vènt is an experience connected with the territory that finds in the various professional skills, agronomists and oenologists, the skills to interpret the vineyard without any compromise.

Vènt is a visceral product, an emotional taste that brings back to the gravelly calcareous soils, which recalls plant and soil, which requires manual harvesting, sealed by a long aging that will give the wine the right reward. A vintage Trento DOC transcribed in an artistic score of volume and finesse, which finds free, understandable sips, which contains the world around it: a disarming expressive transparency as a guarantee of profound rigor and quality.

Intense straw yellow offers the nose aromas of rennet apple, ripe cedar, the complexity of the nuances of Mediterranean scrub, the full and fleshy fruit, a decisive freshness and gustatory persistence. A lively wine with a strong personality, which imposes itself on the taste in a varied or particular combination, difficult or light-hearted.

We tasted it with sushi. A course in perfect balance between sip and taste, accompanied by a vegetable tempura.


Company Profile

Cantina Toblino was born in 1960 in the hearth of in the heart of the Valle dei Laghi and in the area of ​​the former Mensa Vescovile, area of secular winemaking tradition near the Lake and Castle Toblino, on the initiative of a group of passionate winemakers who saw great potential in the surrounding lands. To date, our wine-grower members are more than 600 with almost 850 hectares of vineyards. The attention they pay to the care of the vineyard is very high, a continuous manual work that requires passion and patience. These are our product lines, created to meet all needs: Trento DOC (Antares Brut, Antares Nature, Antares Rosé), Classici (white, red, rosé and sweet wines), Cru “Vènt” (L’Ora-Nosiola Selection, eLimarò-Rosso, Largiller-Nosiola Selection, Vino Santo, Foll-Chardonnay, Praàl-Pinot Bianco, Da Fòra-Manzoni Bianco, Las-Lagrein, Baticòr-Pinot Nero). At Selling Point and Hosteria Toblino, you will have the opportunity to buy and taste our wines accompanied by the tasty proposals of chef Sebastian Sartorelli and to participate in unforgettable Wine Tour & Tastings.

Cantina Toblino s.c.a
Via Longa, 1 – Fr. Sarche
38076 Madruzzo (TN)
T +39 0461 564168