Tasting for you Mercoledi 25 Agosto 2021

Italian wines in the world: Tenuta Montemagno's Solis Vis

We have tasted for you Tenuta Montemagno's Solis Vis

di Giovanna Romeo

Scheda tecnica

  • Name: Soli Vis
  • Color: white
  • Year of production: 2020
  • Price: 14.50 euro
  • Annual production: 6078 bottles
  • Denomination: Monferrato Bianco DOC
  • Aging: Fermentation in stainless steel, where the wine ages on the lees for a few months
  • Grapes: 100% timorasso

Young but no less profound. Tenuta Montemagno's Timorasso is an excellent uniqueness that tells a different story about the Piedmont area and the philosophy of a winery in constant pursuit of quality, from the vineyard to the cellar. We are in the heart of Monferrato where 6,624 bottles take shape from an intense vine, capable of strong sensations experienced through its natural expression of marked minerality and tension, the typical backbone that accompanies strong aromas of yellow pulp fruit, lime and flint. Tenuta Montemagno has chosen a vinification and fermentation in steel; the wine thus reaches a wider complexity thanks also to a stop on the noble lees.

When tasted, its freshness and potential for evolution, vivacity of taste and aromatic persistence can be appreciated. The breviary of the bouquet meets a wheel of aromas that is released with elegance, bringing the nose back to a perfect squaring of the circle.

To be served at a temperature of 12 degrees, we recommend it with combinations of taste and flavor. We tasted it with a Montébore cheese risotto.

Company Profile
Tenuta Montemagno arises on Monferrato hills, a Piedmont area highly suitable for vines. The vineyards facing south-west, the microclimate enjoyed by this area with its clayey calcareous soil, the process carried out entirely by hand and the technology used in production processes, contribute to the production of important wines, representing, at the same time, the Italian, the Piedmont and Monferrato excellences in the world. The estate is surrounded by 100 hectars, 20 of which dedicated to vine cultivation. Every Tenuta Montemagno's bottle is created joining together the peculiarity of Monferrato ground, the brilliant intuitions of Tiziano Barea and the expertise of oenologist Gianfranco Cordero.


Tenuta Montemagno 
Via Cascina Valfossato, 9 - Montemagno, Asti 14030, Italy
Tel. +39 0141 63624