When was the winery born?
The Passion for wine has always flown in the veins of Ardenghi family. I represent the last generation, and I have gathered the heritage that my family passed me. The trade of wine requires skill, foresight and constant attention to the market changes. Since the 50’s, my family has owned vineyards in the Upper Marca, in the province of Treviso, and even then the cellar, although of limited production, was known for the quality of its wines.

Why do you do this job? How was your passion for wine born?
I started with my grandfather. When I was a child, I followed him along the rows. “You have to know this wine since it is a bud” he taught me. Meanwhile, in Venice, my family owned also the Ancient Cellars Ardenghi, in Piazza San Giovanni e Paolo. Since three generations there we have been exporting all over the world the wine produced and that purchased from other producers. The wine is bought and sold with negotiations that require extensive knowledge of the product and a great respect for the buyers. We must know the languages, customs and tastes and own a small dose of humility it takes to keep learning.

The wine, the one with a capital “W”, is for few connoisseurs.

And today?

Today I am a young entrepreneur flanked by my “godfather” Lorenzo Bormioli. Together we are committed to the management of the estate Ardenghi Refrontolo, in the heart of Conegliano – Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG. We are doing things degree by degree, on time and the needs of the vineyard with meticulous pursuit of elegance and cleanliness in all steps, from the sparkling wine, which we find on the palate in all chalices signed Ardenghi. But I never forget the advice of my grandfather, a great wine always comes from a small bud.

What is the philosophy behind the wine?
Love and passion. These are the values that drive me to continue seeking “special wine”. I want to share the excitement that accompanies the discovery of new flavors and combinations, the explosion of flavors that Prosecco and the variety of Italian culinary products give, bringing excellence on tables all over the world. And if “There is no love more sincere than that for food,” as GB Shaw said, then I want you to “fall in love”.

Which adjective would you give to your winery?
Italian. As the culture that the world appreciates and envies. The same culture that, alongside the wine production, has developed over time and that we use today.

Which limits / resources do you seein this job?
A limit that I find in this area is the lack of unity among the wine makers.Many of them think only about a financial gain instead of promoting Italian wines in the world.

Which other job would you have done?
Surely I would have done the selector of culinary excellence.

How is your company?
Elegant and refined.

Territory and wines: how do you promote this combination?
For us the territory is surely one of the fundamental elements of our production and enhances the properties. Our winery is located in the D.O.C.G. Conegliano Valdobbiadene where the hills were embroidered with vineyards creating a real cultural landscape, confirmed by the nomination to UNESCO Heritage.

What kind of attitude towards international customers do you have? There are ad hoc promotional activities?
We look to the international market without fear: we are aware of our high quality proposal, of our disposal to travel and attend many fairs in the world. We are proud of the success that many have attributed to us.