For more than seventy years this winery, located in one of the most noble Italian wine areas (Langhe and Monferrato in Piedmont) has been producing wines and sparkling wines appreciated in a lot of markets in the world.

The tasting of this Langhe DOC white wine makes you appreciate the correct balance of the grapes, where Chardonnay predominates in terms of olfactory complexity.

On the nose the wine appears fresh and balanced, hints of white pulp fruit mixed with a bouquet of fresh flowers, a light tropical hint at the end invites you to drink softly but at the same time with personality.

Piedmontese white wines generally have a very clear personality given by the minerality of the production area, in particular those of the Langhe. In the case of this white wine from Arione all aspects and corporate identity are brought together.

On the palate it is therefore a roundly savory wine, with a light acidity that recalls drinking and a finish where the mineral part clearly perceived on the nose re-emerges.

A wine to pair with pasta with farmyard ragù, soft cheeses or with fish and shellfish, our tasting concluded by tasting it with a fresh tomato salad, boiled prawns and basil oil in order to also appreciate its frankness.

Company Profile

The history of Arione begins in 1870 when Luigi Arione founded the company that still bears his name after four generations. Today Arione is led by the brothers Mauro and Luca Arione, whose goal is to continue producing traditional wines with the highest possible quality, the right level of technological innovation, to meet the demands of the national and international markets. Their wineries are located in areas that have always been suited to the production of high quality wines, between Langhe and Monferrato: more precisely in Canelli, where sparkling wines and wine cocktails are bottled, and in Castiglione Tinella where traditional Piedmontese, famous all over the world, are bottled.

Arione SPA
Via Luigi Bosca 135,
14053 Canelli (AT)
(+39) 0141 823 172

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