Ca’ Besina (name derived from the discovery of a slab dated between 50 BC and 50 AD bearing the engraving “Ca’ Bezina”, name of an important patrician family) can be considered to all intents and purposes a historic brand in the context of the Italian Classic Method.

Ca’ Besina Brut vintage, in fact, was the first Classic Method of Emilia Romagna, born from a native grape, Spergola, which undoubtedly represents one of the Italian varieties that best lend themselves to the creation of high quality sparkling wines.

We had confirmation of all this by tasting the pas dosé version of Cà Besina which absolutely convinced us because it managed to further enhance the characteristics of Spergola capable of giving a classic method of great elegance, freshness and flavor.

The nose reveals clear hints of white flowers but also of white fruit such as pear and peach, as well as notes of toasting and pastry. In the mouth great balance, fragrance and a savory texture that makes this classic method an extraordinary companion at the table. We paired it with an excellent fried fish and it was simply perfect.

Company Profile

Casali Viticultori’s history began in the year 1900 when Giuseppe Casali decided to make his family wine into a full-blown business. Our first Scandiano wine cellar, next to the historic Rocca del Boiardi castle, was soon too small and the winery’s growing market success and consequent increase in production meant moving to our current base in Pratissolo di Scandiano in the 1980s.

Casali Viticultori is now a benchmark in Reggio wine making and was incorporated into the Emilia Wine Group in late 2014.

Casali Viticultori srl
Via delle Scuole, 7
42019 Pratissolo di Scandiano (RE)
0522 / 855441

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