If there was a register of the best Lambruscos, Pra di Bosso would surely be towards the top as one of those who can attest to the high quality levels that this excellent Italian wine can achieve.

Casali Viticultori’s Pra di Bosso marked a turning point in the production of high-quality Lambrusco. It is the result of an ultra-secular past that Emilia Wine, one of our country’s most fascinating and active cooperatives, is still carrying out today.

Pra di Bosso Secco is made by combining 40% Lambrusco Montericco, 40% Lambrusco Marani, and 20% Lambrusco Salamino.

The end result is a Lambrusco with a strong personality that already comes through on the nose with intense floral notes (violet, rosehip) as well as fruity notes of plum, morello cherry, blueberries, and currant. This is achieved after an alcoholic fermentation in temperature controlled steel tanks and a second fermentation in autoclaves.

Great vitality in the mouth, aroma with fruity notes that linger and provide a lengthy persistence. It was an excellent accompaniment to a variety of boiled meats (beef, corned tongue, and cotechino).

Company Profile

Casali Viticultori’s history began in the year 1900 when Giuseppe Casali decided to make his family wine into a full-blown business. Our first Scandiano wine cellar, next to the historic Rocca del Boiardi castle, was soon too small and the winery’s growing market success and consequent increase in production meant moving to our current base in Pratissolo di Scandiano in the 1980s.

Casali Viticultori is now a benchmark in Reggio wine making and was incorporated into the Emilia Wine Group in late 2014.

Casali Viticultori srl
Via delle Scuole, 7
42019 Pratissolo di Scandiano (RE)

0522 / 855441

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