Only a few companies have introduced the world to the superb quality level that Lambrusco is capable of. Casali Viticultori stands out among these, having unlocked the potential of this exquisite Italian wine since the early 1900s.

In 2014, Casali joined the Emilia Wine Group, one of the most vibrant and interesting cooperative realities in the wine cooperative scene of our country, which is investing more in the certification of Lambrusco.

A particularly notable example is their “Historical” Pra di Bosso, which is an icon in the Lambrusco typology, the result of the selection of the best hillside vineyards in the Reggio area (Scandiano), which we consider to be the most suitable habitat for the production of high quality Lambrusco.

A Lambrusco obtained by combining Lambrusco Salamino (60%), Lambrusco Maestri (30%) Malbo Gentile (10%).

The result is a wine with exceptional personality, both explosive and refined, owing to a ten-day cold maceration that ensures an even more robust aromatic bouquet. And it is instantly noticeable on the nose, with clear traces of wild violet, pomegranate, but also fruit like blueberries and raspberries, as well as delicate floral sensations of rosehip.

Great energy, pleasantness, and scent in a tannic structure where fruity sensations provide a lengthy persistence.

We paired it with a “tastasal risotto”: the fattiness of the dish was extraordinarily balanced by the fruity acidity of this great “historic” Lambrusco.

Company Profile

Casali Viticultori’s history began in the year 1900 when Giuseppe Casali decided to make his family wine into a full-blown business. Our first Scandiano wine cellar, next to the historic Rocca del Boiardi castle, was soon too small and the winery’s growing market success and consequent increase in production meant moving to our current base in Pratissolo di Scandiano in the 1980s.

Casali Viticultori is now a benchmark in Reggio wine making and was incorporated into the Emilia Wine Group in late 2014.

Casali Viticultori srl
Via delle Scuole, 7
42019 Pratissolo di Scandiano (RE)
0522 / 855441