Semi Croma Spumante Rosé Brut is a delightful bright salmon pink, fragrant sparkline wine. The fact that it is a Brut gives it a well-balanced mouthfeel that gently surfaces the palate while maintaining a vibrant acidity. It makes for an excellent aperitif but also pairs well with most seafood dishes, in particular shellfish. The grapes used to make this blend is what makes it unique in character, 70% Malvasia Rosa, 30% Chardonnay, there are only three wineries in the world that produce Malvasia Rosa which derives form a spontaneous genetic mutation of Malvasia di Candia Aromatica, discovered in Val Nure in the province of Piacenza in 1967. Semi Croma is an extremely pleasant and versatile rosé sparkling wine characterized by an elegant, delicate perlage.

Mossi 1558

Località Albareto, 80
29010 Ziano Piacentino (PC)
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