Friuli Venezia Giulia is a proud region, and there’s still much to be discovered in some aspects. Its people have personality and character, like the land where they live and where wines and sparkling wines of equal substance and generosity are born.

Stocco winery encapsulates all these aspects, and its wines are as identity-driven as the company’s philosophy, which does not yield to easy compromises.

The Ribolla Gialla reserve we tasted is a blend of style and elegance, with a bold and intriguing character.

Grapes picked late after careful selection give rise to a white wine with an intense yellow color, which unveils in the glass the allure of flavors of time and care in the cellar, marked notes of noble spices and fresh flowers, which intensify over the minutes with hints of a spring morning in the countryside, hence the nose never tires of searching for individual scents.

In the mouth, a surprising and generous minerality fills the palate and harmonizes the aromas, making them vivid and satisfying, with excellent final softness completing a high-level drink.

Friulian cuisine matches this wine well, from the sea to the mountains; you can pair raw materials that must have the same qualitative characteristics as the wine tasted.

We recommend it with tagliatelle with courtyard ragù or excellent oven-baked rabbit, so that the Friulian character of this Ribolla can be enhanced in perfect balance.

Company Profile

In ancient Italian, “stocco” meant “sword.” The historic family emblem embodies our values: strength, discipline, and respect for the land. In accordance with these values, we work every day with the aim of capturing the scents of our region, Grave, and making each bottle unique to offer you the opportunity to grasp the nuances, uniqueness, and perfect elegance of Stocco Friulian wines.

Azienda Agricola Stocco
Via Casali Stocco, 12
Bicinicco, UD, 33050, Italy 
+39 0432 934906