Villa Franciacorta stands as a winery in the heart of the captivating Franciacorta region, embodying a commitment to quality anchored in key principles: exclusive use of grapes from their own vineyards, with an average vine age of 25 years and some vines reaching 45 years old; production limited to vintage wines aged for a minimum of 36 months on lees; primary fermentation exclusively with indigenous yeasts; and organic and environmental certification. The estate is well-known not only for its enchanting hospitality but also for the charm of the medieval village where Villa Gradoni Charme & Nature provides an opportunity to stay and immerse oneself in the natural beauty of this enchanted village.

Today, we had the privilege of savoring the Emozione brut 2019, which we consider the winery’s “calling card.” This Franciacorta is a blend where Chardonnay takes the lead, accompanied by two Pinots—Noir and Blanc—cultivated on-site and expertly blended in the cellar to fully capture the essence of Villa Franciacorta.

A radiant yellow hue fills the glass, complemented by fine foam and a persistent, exceptionally fine, and dense effervescence. The aroma introduces a mineral richness of fresh fruit with subtle tropical hints, along with notes of lightly toasted fresh bread and lime.

On the palate, the harmony is perfected by a saline touch that characterizes Villa Franciacorta, concluding with a lingering finish where the pronounced minerality returns, accentuated by impeccably balanced acidity.

Emozione Villa Franciacorta emanates elegance and strong personality, showcasing distinct minerality and a complexity destined for a marvelous evolution over time. This wine is remarkably versatile, a true star in the realm of “all-meal” wines, capable of elevating significant dishes and creating a unique and essential dining experience.

Company Profile

Villa Franciacorta is an ancient medieval village whose focal point is the 16th-century cellar, located in the heart of the Madonna della Rosa hill in the Villa area of Monticelli Brusati. From this original part, other cellars unfold beneath the hill. Here, time, silence, the isotherm of an underground cellar, and darkness jealously guard up to a million bottles of vintage wines.

Courage, independence, consistency, honesty – these are the core values that have defined the philosophy of Villa Franciacorta since 1960. In parallel, the winery’s philosophy revolves around the protection and enhancement of the terroir, the exclusive use of estate-grown grapes for the production of only vintage wines through entirely manual processes, and control over the entire production chain. A point of pride is also represented by the patented indigenous yeasts, unique and strongly characteristic, safeguarding biodiversity even in the cellar.

Villa Franciacorta
Località Villa, 12
25040 Monticelli Brusati (BS)
+39 030.652329

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