Prosecco Brut Asolo Superiore DOCG

Wine: Sparkling
Price (ex winery, VAT included): 9,00 Euro
Yearly production (bottles): 250.000
Designation: DOCG
Grapes: Glera 100%

Prosecco is gaining success almost everywhere in the world. Maybe it’s about time to tell the story of its many qualitative producers, together with the different areas where it is produced. Among these, an important role is played by the territory of Asolo, in Alta Marca Trevigiana, which is the ideal habitat to grow Glera grapes. Here, in one the most historical wine municipality in Italy, Venegazzù di Volpago del Montello, we can find the 60 hectares vineyards owned by the winery Conte Loredan Gasparini. An historical winery in this territory, because it was founded in the Fifties by Conte Piero Loredan, descendant of Doge of Venice Leonardo Loredan, and later, in 1973, became property of Giancarlo Palla.
Their Prosecco Brut Asolo Superiore DOCG, made of Glera grapes grown on the legendary hills of Giavera del Montello, truly convinced us. At the nose we perceived a mix of white fruits (apple and pear), herbs (sage above all), but also clear mineral notes. At the palate it tastes crispy, well balanced and most of all dry, just like Prosecco we love the most (we do hope that the number of Brut Prosecco version, instead of its Extra Dry version, will increase in the near future).
We paired it with a tasty seafood crudité aperitif and we nailed it.

In the heart of Asolo Montello appellation (50 km North of Venice), extend the 60 hectares of Loredan Gasparini estate. An area historically acclaimed for its quality wine production, so much that in 1590 the historian Bonifacio sang its praises in his “Trevigiana History” sustaining that “the Trevigi countryside has woodlands useful for timber and for hunting… The land produces (…) excellent wines and the most remarkable is the one of the Montello Riviera”

Loredan Gasparini
via Martignago 23
Tel. +39 0423 870024