Cuvée Organic 2017

Wine: white
Year of production: 2017
Price: 8 €
Annual production: 28,000 bottles
Denomination: IGT
Aging: no
Grapes: selection of white biological grapes (Chardonnay – Pinot Blanc)

The wine is sparkling and fresh at a first sight in the glass, exactly as the packaging describes it: a wine perfect to share party moments of joy.
We can clearly see an intense perlage with small chains of bubbles that follow each other in the glass, the straw yellow color with greenish reflections reflects its young age, in fact, we are tasting a 2017 vintage. In the nose it is intense, with hints of white flowers, jasmine and chamomile floral notes, leaving space to a fruity reminiscence of green apple and pear. At the end a slight grassy nuance closes the circle.
In the mouth it is quite fresh and tasty, we find perfectly what we have felt in the nose. On the whole it has a good acidity which allows it to balance its softness. The residual sugar softens the mouth and makes it a pleasant wine for all palates and absolutely not binding. It has a good persistence and lends itself well as a companion for evenings with friends.


Anna Spinato is a winery situated in the Veneto region, in the North-East of Italy and has its headquarters in Ponte di Piave, which is only 40 km away from the romantic city of Venice. It is in this area, with its soil particularly suitable for the cultivation of vines, that the company was born. It was back in 1952 when the enological potentialities of this land touched by the water of the river Piave took shape in the form of Spinato’s wines. A thrilling and grounded start thanks to the charismatic figure of Pietro, Anna’s father. In 2002, driven by the love for her land and following her father’s precious teaching, Anna became the leading figure of the company with her same name. Undertaking this journey in the world of wine and carrying on her family’s tradition, she has managed to give every single bottle all the best features of the land and she has worked hard in order to make her quality wines well known and appreciated even abroad. Today, she is supported by her son Roberto, who is in charge of supervising the production line through the collaboration with professional figures such as technicians and the winemaker. Together, they have been pushing the company towards new future ideas but by always keeping an eye on tradition.