We interviewed Daniele Accordini, general manager of Cantine di Negrar, to have a recent comment on the work carried out during 2022, on the initiatives and on the market’s identification which allows to render a not atoned for year, which for Negrar will surely become legend.

Daniele, which are the main results that Cantina Valpolicella Negrar scored and which are the drivers that allowed to reach them?

In a year still partly conditioned by Covid-19, our financial report underlines a turnover 14% higher than the previous year: this is a result not to take for granted, for which, however, we worked since day one of the year with dedication; we were convinced that the new situation could offer opportunities that were to be identified and understood. Thanks to the multi-channel approach that Negrar adopts for a strategic choice, the decrease of the Horeca segment was more than balanced by a double-digit increase in the GDO and by a three-digit growth in the on-line channel.

In particular, we verified the efficiency of the virtual market places, which we believe will show an important push also in the next few years: we believe that this is not a temporary phenomenon provoked by the pandemic, but a cultural market change. Also because of this we wanted to invest time and resources to be able to have a more personalized market place.

Even the sales in the company’s shops shown an important endurance. What gives us even more pleasure is observing that the wines that were given great market favor are the premium wines, not, as we could have imagined, those of a more restrained range: this is a confirmation for us that the consumer keeps giving credit to our quality wines.

From the point of view of the reference denomination for the Negrar production, what has been highlighted?

All the Valpolicella denominations this year showed an important growth: the Valpolicella sales reached a +8% in the first 11 months, while, in the same period, it was registered a 14% increase in the Ripasso sales and a 26% increase in the Amarone sales. The great market’s request has already been translated in a 20-25% increase of the grapes’ prices and in an appreciation of the loose unitary values; the bottling medium prices are consequently destined to increase in the next few months.

In this increase trend, how is this year’s harvest position from a qualitative point of view?

Looking at the whole period of time we passed in Cantina Negrar, I feel like saying that the last one has been one of the greatest harvests of all! The thermometer reached 32-34° C during just few days this year and this factor safeguarded the acidity level, longevity guarantee for our wines.

We expected a great equilibrium in this year’s wines, but it must not be disregarded that during the drying, we had an excellent ventilation, which was itself an element of extreme relevance for the raw material evolution.

In these years, Cantina Negrar deserved important tributes from the market and the enological critics: what is the most important recognition for that Negrar represents on the market?

I am happy to remember the Weinwirtshaft mention, which, this year as well, as it happened in the past, awarded us the first place among the Italian cooperatives: the price-quality ration of our wines contributed to this important recognition, as well as the care for our cellar’s image. Many of our producers conquered great positions in international contests. The results on some specific markets were reason for satisfaction, beyond the critics, because these markets are difficult by nature, such as North Europe, in particular Norway, Sweden, Denmark, which shoes a lively and growing interest for our wines.

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