It�s nice to meet wineries like Ardenghi. When you visit this winery in th Prosecco area, you can understand how important is today in the wine business having a precise business plan and thinking like a modern and advanced company.
In Ardenghi world two complementary souls live together in a perfect way: a marketing soul and a business organizational one. This is the product of the mix of skills and abilities of the two partners: Mattia Ardenghi and Lorenzo Bormioli. The first one is one of the youngest Italian producers inheriting the family vineyards in the wine region of Conegliano Valdobbiadene and the second one is a manager with a long experience especially in the petrochemical sector and international luxury hotellerie. “In my past experience I was forced to think – explains Lorenzo Bormioli – in a systematic way and with a problem solving approach, always putting the customer in the central point of my strategies by designing completely customized products”.
This approach was a significant plus value for the development of an innovative business strategy that accelerated the competitiveness of Ardenghi winery. In the last four years, in fact, Ardenghi has been experiencing unimaginable results in both qualitative value of its wines and market performances.
“Certainly – said Mattia Ardenghi, with a degree in Enology in the important wine Institute of Conegliano – being producer of Prosecco, an international well known wine, has facilitated us right away in this first phase of our history. But producing wine is not only producing wine. In our adventure the contribution of Lorenzo Bormioli and his professional experience in a sector very far from wine has increased our growth”.
A precious “contamination” that is bringing Ardenghi to be accredited among the most dynamic wineries in the rich panorama of Prosecco.
Two entrepreneurial choices, in particular, are very innovative: the first one was joining the DiWine Export Consortium, one of the most interesting groups of wineries (till today strangely very few in Italy) which decide to put together energies and investments for the development of the export; the second one is the realization of a wineshop with an event room at the exit of the motorway in Padova Est (suitable for wine tasting and training courses).
“At present our sales volume – highlights Mattia – is the result of a 30% of sales in the international markets, 30% coming from our agreements with the network of the big luxury hotels and 40% of on-trade. We are working in a good balance but it is obvious that we have to develop our potential on the international front. Our goal, however, is a balanced growth that allows us to maintain a proper positioning of prices and adequate image “.