Italian culture has always associated an Asti wine with sweetness, for centuries in fact this wine has been the identity of moments of celebration and combinations with dry and creamy pastries, not only in Italy but internationally, where this product is highly appreciated.
Its dry version is instead still little known, but embodies a strong identity. The Martinotti production method gives the essence of this historic vine in the dry version. Arione’s dry Asti sparkling wine, tasted today, is a true testimonial, starting from its bright yellow color and above all from its typical aromas of this variety. Its aromatic breadth, the hint of flowers and fruit are enriched by a dry and aromatic entrance to the palate. It has excellent sapidity associated with delicate expressive freshness. Arione’s Asti Secco is therefore the result of a great knowledge of both the grape variety (white muscat of Canelli) and the production techniques, which offer the market an intriguing and true representative version of this part of the Italian territory.
In fact, dry Asti cannot be compared to any other Italian sparkling wine produced using this method, it has its own clear personality both in terms of fruit and aromas.
We therefore have a “new” protagonist in the combinations in the kitchen, from aperitifs with fried vegetables and fish to delicate appetizers or dishes based on white meat or fish. We paired it with a creamy egg with potato and truffle cream and it was immediately harmony.

Company Profile

The history of Arione begins in 1870 when Luigi Arione founded the company that still bears his name after four generations. Today Arione is led by the brothers Mauro and Luca Arione, whose goal is to continue producing traditional wines with the highest possible quality, the right level of technological innovation, to meet the demands of the national and international markets. Their wineries are located in areas that have always been suited to the production of high quality wines, between Langhe and Monferrato: more precisely in Canelli, where sparkling wines and wine cocktails are bottled, and in Castiglione Tinella where traditional Piedmontese, famous all over the world, are bottled.

Arione SPA

Via Luigi Bosca 135,
14053 Canelli (AT)
(+39) 0141 823 172