Arcodace is a valuable limited production, achieved starting from the 2021 harvest, with a selection of organic grapes from the Carcitella estate, in the Mazara del Vallo area.
Arcodace, 100% Perricone aged in steel for 4-5 months, joins two other Perricone expressions branded Assuli: Il Furioso, aged 12 months in large oak barrels, and the Fiordispina rosé.
The name recalls, like all Assuli’s labels, the imaginary world of Orlando Furioso: Arcodace is the antithesis of earthly life, it is the place where everything lost on earth is found, and it can only be accessed to thanks to fantasy.

A very strong identity, deliberately arcane and imaginative, which in tasting, in the words of the oenologist Lorenzo Landi, expresses a complex bouquet, great elegance and freshness of tannin, and highlights notes of blackberry, pepper, fresh spices and licorice. The microclimate of Carcitella, 120-150 meters above sea level, once the bed of a river, of which the pebbles can still be appreciated, a legacy that is found in the minerality of the soil, favors the aromatic complexity of the grapes, the intensity and the finesse, rich in limestone and skeleton.
In the summer tasting of the International Grand Prix Mundus Vini Assuli achieves a full result, with three golds for Arcodace 2021, Furioso 2021 and Dardinello 2021, the latter 100% zibibbo: all expressions of DOC Sicily and all organic.

President, for your cellar the roots and the enhancement of the territory are an identity trait that is expressed through oenological research, which is leading you to win important awards, and the sustainable approach, which guides the production of all your wines.

What distinguishes our production is sustainability, which has always been part of our DNA: it belongs to our way of being, made of respect for people and for nature. The “green” practices adopted in the cellar and in the vineyard are then reflected in the glass, in a process of continuous innovation aimed at offering excellence. In Assuli ample space is given to modern concepts of winemaking, 100% organic wines, use of natural materials, recovery of rainwater, renewable energy and, last but not least, energy efficiency. It is precisely on these investments that the challenge will be played. For example, the recent restyling of the packaging led us to adopt the Borgognotta Virgo Leggera bottle for Fiordispina, Carinda, Dardinello, Fiordiligi, Arcodace and Ruggiero. It is the lightest bottle on the market, only 410 gr, it is rightfully included in light-weighting, that is the direction we are taking to reduce weight by using lighter glass, which allows to limit the use of raw materials, nitrogen oxide emissions and sulfur dioxide and transport costs.

Sicily has a huge role in the Italian ampelographic panorama. In your relationship with the natives, it is possible to see a great pride for the territory. Could you tell us something about your experimental project on relic vines?

Assuli fully affirms the principle of identity through the cultivation of grapes with a consolidated tradition: Nero d’Avola, Zibibbo, Insolia, Lucido, Grillo, Perricone. These vines develop an intimate relationship with the territory, adapting to it and feeding on its particularities. The wines have great character and personality, in contrast to the global standardization of taste; we make space for innovation in the name of territoriality also with “relic vines”. These are micro vinifications that testify to the island’s extraordinary biodiversity heritage. The experimental vineyard is an oenological research project carried out with the aim of rediscovering ancient vines that we will soon be able to savor. 14 relic varieties, about 600 grafts placed in as many plants that demonstrate the desire to dig into the past by bringing to light forgotten varieties, an element of even stronger identity that lays the foundations for a new push to wine tourism.