Being immersed in Pinot Noir means being immersed in softness. This elegant grape, the undisputed fulcrum of the Piacenza area, always offers facets and balances that are never banal and always very modern and immediate. It is an extraordinary grape and an emblem for Ca’ Rossella winery both for the care in the vineyard, given the considerable complexity in cultivating an organic Pinot Noir, and also for the extraordinary finesse that its Pinot Noir 2021 “Neblani” has. A sparkling wine well focused in every single aspect; on the nose the aromas of red fruits and pepper are accompanied by the hint of red pepper grown in the sun, while in the mouth the wine opens up in the finesse of the bubbles reaching a long and engaging finish.
The softness of Pinot Noir accompanied the drink, thrilling for the harmony received and for the balanced complexity in such a still young but very promising sparkling wine.
In the kitchen it was an accomplice and protagonist with a skewer of cuttlefish and prawns and a fried fish, but the persistent and enveloping finish was the real plus to these pairings.

Company Profile

Ca’ Rossella is an integral part of Vittorio Meloni’s life project: a Milanese professional who, by purchasing an old farmhouse with his estate, followed his instinct and desire to find a place in contact with nature. Among the vineyards you can breathe the atmosphere of an ancient history, of a slightly wild beauty. The ground underfoot is dry, pebbly and calcareous: suitable for the young vines that have inhabited it for many years.

Ca’ Rossella
Loc. La Rossella 1,
29031 Alta Val Tidone (PC)
+39 0523 1552688