Forty-five million years ago the magma gave life to the Lessini Mountains, a complex and varied territory in a composition of volcanic soils formed by basalts that fully trace the organoleptic profile of the Lessini Durello Brut 733 sparkling wine by Cantina Montecchia di Crosara.

The grape, of ancient belonging to this wonderful uncontaminated landscape at times mountainous between Verona and Vicenza, is Durella, the autochthonous cultivated on the eastern side of the Veronese territory which determines its fundamental character, revealing itself as unique for its vertical thrust, minerality and marked freshness.

The sparkling wine 733 Brut by Cantina Montecchia di Crosara, an unmistakable bubble, is the unmissable appointment for a convivial glass, with a soft palate and a creamy perlage. Citrus notes of cedar and grapefruit are measured with a charming bouquet of white flowers, wisteria and lily of the valley, ripe pear, the vivacity of a Stark apple. The compact and crunchy sip is a taste of terroir in which to rediscover the origin of the denomination, the protagonist measured thanks to a Brut dosage and a Martinotti method vinification that preserves every particular characteristic.

A captivating glass of aperitif, it is also ideal throughout the meal for exclusive dinners.

Company Profile

Cantina di Montecchia di Crosara was founded in and named for the commune of Montecchia di Crosara in the Verona area in 1958 by a group of grapegrowers with the goal of enhancing their productions by joining their efforts together. After a rather complicated initial phase, the winery cooperative began to expand in the 1970s and 80s and attracted a growing number of grower-members. Today, some 700 members cultivate approximately 1,400 hectares of vineyards. Montecchia di Crosara lies in the Val d’Alpone, a valley that divides the provinces of Verona and Vicenza.

Via Alpone, 53
37030 Montecchia di Crosara (VR)
+39 045 6191260