Lessini Durello is a wine that has experienced an increasing interest on the international  markets, demonstrating that the “Durella” grape, used to make wine with the Classic Method, has all the general characteristics to be able to express itself at very high levels. This is the specific case of Collineri Lessini Durello Riserva, a sparkling wine with a capital S as regards general balance and above all true identity. A 36-months-on-the-lees wine brings out an extraordinary mineral breadth on the nose, with aromas of fresh aromatic herbs, laurel and lime, which accompany the drink, leaving that elegance on the palate well combined with a savory acidity that involves the taster.
This Durello Riserva demonstrates a powerful and harmonious length on the palate, a typical characteristic of the sparkling wines made with passion and experience.
A creamy and enveloping wine, full and frank, to be combined with moments of celebration where the cuisine can easily range from fish dishes to white meats or mountain cheeses.
Our compliments to the elegance of this reserve.

Company Profile

In 2008, with the acquisition of Cantina di Montecchia di Crosara, Cantina di Soave further reinforced its leading position in the Italian and european wine industry. Right from its founding in 1958, Cantina di Montecchia, is a strategically important producer in the sparkling wine sector, operating in a production area with a solidly-established reputation for sparkling wines, the Lessini Durello area, where it is the largest producer.


Viale della Vittoria 128
Soave, VR 37038 IT

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