Cantina Pizzolato’s Prosecco is not just any sparkling wine, but a wine that is the result of an exasperated attention to nature. Environment, research, sustainability are the founding values ​​of the company, expressed in a work that finds extreme quality and organic solutions, for vegan wines and without added sulphites. Perfect for human health, obtained from healthy, uncontaminated vines, it is produced according to a philosophy that has chosen no chemicals in addition to beautiful packaging with a low environmental impact. Herald the choices in the vineyard: a tissue paper, a hand binding and a label in recycled paper made with 15% grape pomace, , the bio-building cellar, the people, the value of research.
Perfect grapes, rightly ripe, for a high quality production, which they themselves like to define as messengers of well-being. A sparkling wine vinified and aged in steel autoclave for 60 days, zero added sulphites and yeasts suitable for a low production of sulfur dioxide, quantified at the end of the process below 10mg / l. A moderate alcohol content, a lot of pleasantness, fruit and freshness, a Prosecco of conviviality that has the its identity’s strength but above all of it has a healthy territory. Choices that speak of family, research, protection, respect, true organic food, what you breathe while smelling the earth.
To drink paired with vegetable dishes, sushi and sashimi or fish tartare.

Company Profile

Five generations of history and traditions, a long commitment of organic production since ‘80s, respecting the genuineness of the wine and the high quality of the grapes, whose certification came in 1991. These are the solid roots to which the Pizzolato family is linked and on which the entire production philosophy of the company is based. Settimo Pizzolato was certainly one of the first winemakers to choose an organic, vegan and sustainable management of the winery, in order to produce wines that meet the expectations of consumers particularly attentive to their health and that are produced with grapes grown in an uncontaminated environment, without the use of chemicals or animal products. The result today is a new winery built in green building, in continuous movement and open to the public and its visitors, who can touch it with their hand through the Bio tours and tastings and the Bike Tour through the organic vineyards. A company whose focus is the continuous research and experimentation, today, of the resistant vineyards towards a 100% sustainable agriculture, beyond the organic world.


Via IV Novembre, 12
Villorba, TV 31020 IT

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