The desire to be an active part of a territory and to explore the history of indigenous grape varieties that have accompanied humans for millennia seems to be an integral part of the style and qualitative perseverance of Casale del Giglio, a winery that is a standard bearer for the viticultural identity of the Lazio region.

We were fortunate to taste the Bellone, a native grape variety with ancient roots. Perhaps this is why the wine is named Radix, which means “root” in Latin.

This wine is produced from grapes with thick skins that are skillfully processed in tonneaux (wooden barrels of about 500 liters) and then, after careful maceration on the noble skins, is “oxygenated” in amphorae placed in the cellar, which allow this wine, mentioned by the inexorable curiosity of Pliny the Elder, to breathe.

In the glass, which we recommend to be large, the color is a deep but brilliant yellow. On the nose, the mineral richness, along with scents of wildflowers and Mediterranean scrub, emerges to give a breadth of rare complexity.

On the palate, it is full yet not overpowering, with a balanced sharp and savory note in the structured body and an intensely long finish.

This wine can also be enjoyed years after bottling, yet it remains a modern wine suitable for dishes where freshness is key, from cold pasta with olives, tuna, and cherry tomatoes, to fish soups or gratinéed shellfish.

Company Profile

Casale del Giglio is a winery located in the Agro Pontino valley, some 30 miles south of Rome. Unlike other parts of the Latium region, or other regions of Italy, this territory was still uncharted in viticultural terms when Dino Santarelli and his son Antonio, with the help for the young winemaker Paolo Tiefenthaler launched their research project in 1985 based on the planting of 57 different experimental grape varieties in their soil. To date, Casale del Giglio has converted its 180 hectares selecting those grape varieties which have proved to interact best with the territory and produce the best quality wines. In parallel with the challenge to identify and select those Italian and international grape varieties best suited to the microclimate of the Agro Pontino, Casale del Giglio has always maintained a keen interest in Lazio’s native grape varieties, rediscovered in areas close to the property; such varieties include the Biancolella of Ponza, the Bellone of Anzio, the Cesanese of Olevano Romano and the Pecorino of Accumoli. Casale del Giglio currently offers a range of twenty-five products – ten white wines, one rosé, nine reds, one passito, three grappas and an extra virgin olive oil.

Strada Cisterna-Nettuno Km 13 Le Ferriere , LT – 04100 – +39 06 9290 2530

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