Invernaia Millenovecento Edition is a special selection that encompasses the great experience of Casali Viticultori, a blend of international hill grapes that explore the greatness of the Emilian terroir. Calcareous clay soils add to the prevailing identity of the province of Reggio Emilia, marking a rhythm of the wine that communicates ripeness, richness, complexity.

Invernaia rosso’s life flows slowly from the strictly manual harvest to the vinification: precise, careful, controlled. The wine then meets steel and bottle, it appears naked, faithful to itself, sensitive to a taste that explores the places of the soul and a modest but no less ambitious territory, which grants intense reds that over time become art.

Our Bottle number 607 of 1900 is a microcosm of history, nature, culture. The quality of the terroir allows you to do great things, the experience of Casali Viticultori completes the wine experience that condenses into an intense, penetrating glass of great aromatic intensity. Blackberries, cherries, red fruit jam, tobacco, leather and black pepper make it highly expressive, lively, fine, elegantly exquisite. A wonderful tasting paired with Piedmontese Fassona tartare and black truffle.

Company Profile

Casali Viticultori’s history began in the year 1900 when Giuseppe Casali decided to make his family wine into a full-blown business. Its first wine cellar, next to the historic Rocca del Boiardi castle in Scandiano, was soon too small and the winery’s growing market success and consequent increase in production meant moving to our current base in Pratissolo di Scandiano in the 1980s. Digging work on the new wine cellars unearthed a stone slab dating to 50 BC-50 AD with an inscription reading Ca Bezina, the name of an important patrician family. The first Champagne method wine to be made in Emilia Romagna was named after this inscription and subsequently modified to Ca’ Besina. ‘Good wine is born in the vineyard and grows up in the wine cellar’. This was Massimo Casali’s motto, the charismatic wine lover behind the history of this important local winery who left a determinant mark on his homeland’s winemaking. Casali Viticultori is still today a benchmark in Reggio wine making and was incorporated into the Emilia Wine Group in late 2014.

Via delle Scuole, 7
Pratissolo di Scandiano, RE 42019 IT
0522 855441