A hilly micro-area located in the fraction of Santo Stefano, Saccol and San Pietro di Barbozza in the Valdobbiadene district, a cru that extends itself for 106 hectares entirely dedicated to Glera, white berry vineyards, base component of Prosecco: this is the Cartizze and here Ruggeri’s Valdobbiadene Superiore di Cartizze DOCG Brut is born.

A territory strip among the Valdobbiadene hills (certified and world humanity assets by UNESCO) represents the qualitative vertex of the Prosecco denomination. Not by change, in the Cartizze disciplinary lower return per hectare are expected (120 q.li/hectare) with respect to the 135 q.li/hectare of the DOCG area and the 180 q.li/hectare of the DOC area, guaranteeing the highest qualitative level at the expense of great volumes.

An exceptional quality oasis inside this extended wine producing area, characterized by unique peculiarities due to the constant ventilation, to the South exposure, the territory’s morphology, the wide temperature range between night and say, the territory rich in minerals and a biodiversity that praises more than 100 plant species, flowers and spontaneous grass.

The Valdobbiadene Superiore di Cartizze DOCG Brut di Ruggeri is the product and the summary of this uniqueness and of the overall biodiversity, fully expressing the perfumes: field grass, delicate white flowers petal notes and pears scent.

Convivial and lively, fragrant and aromatic, with its harmonious equilibrium and its minerality and sapidity it is the ideal choice for Christmas, to celebrate the New Year or simply as a gift under the Christmas Tree.

A selection, a prestigious territory enclosed in a bottle which becomes an occasion to celebrate joyful moments, of well-being, joy and fullness to seal at best the end of the year celebrations.

As an aperitif or at the dinner table, the Cartizze DOCG Brut di Ruggeri reveals itself excellent during Christmas festivities, paired with finger food, fried vegetables, white meat dishes, lasagna and savoury pies or with fish dishes, shellfish and molluscs.

A choice that goes well beyond the product, in favor of a sustainable viticulture able to interpret a environment, people and territory-respectful wine culture. Indeed, Ruggeri undertook a path characterized by numerous innovative projects aimed at the safeguard of the ecosystem and of the clients’ health.

Gianluca Tognon, Ruggeri’s Agronomist, confirms this: “To us it is fundamental to preserve the territory and supervise the ecosystem, creating the best condition for an excellent but especially qualitative-sustainable production. We have always been first in line to test methods more and more efficient and innovative of complete integrated pest”.

A path that materialized in 2019 with the acceptance to the National Quality System of Integrated Production (NQSIP) which certifies the high quality and sustainability in the vineyard and testifies to the integrated production in the precious Cartizze Cru.

Thanks to this virtuous process, from the 2020 harvest, the renowned NQSIP certification is applied to the labels of the Cartizze D.O.C.G. Ruggeri’s Brut, one of the first wines of its category to be able to boast the brand, the culmination of an incessant work in defense of biodiversity and the beauty of a territory that for centuries has embodied a unicum worldwide.