Cielo’s family bond is one from far away in time and rich in history, with a territory in the heart of Veneto that today represents one of the most dynamic and structured realities in the regional landscape.

The story tells that Giovanni Cielo first bought a small piece of land in 1908. Today, we are looking at a company that, through different generational transitions and mergers born from entrepreneurial foresight, gathers the work of 2,000 viticulturists between the provinces of Verona and Vicenza. Attention to sustainability and efforts to safeguard the territory remain a primary principle.

The name of the wine we tasted today could not be more fitting due to the fascination of this journey: “Appassionante” – passionate – a white wine that says a lot about this story we have come to know over time.

Produced with Garganega and Sauvignon grapes, it appears in the glass with a yellow color and bright notes, very clean with a light, bright green hue.

On the nose, besides being “Appassionante,” it is also intriguing; a wine that amplifies and develops olfactory notes of fresh fruit, balsamic notes, and freshly cut grass. There is also a clear, almost tropical scent, extremely young and modern.

In the mouth, it is precise, clear, with great drinkability balanced between sapidity and the right touch of acidity, closing in a long and pleasant way.

The modernity of this wine lies entirely in the cellar blending of two great grape varieties, which complement their proud characteristics. Ideal as an aperitif, it pairs perfectly with an anchovy flan or savory pies made with vegetables, and it can also be appreciated with seafood risottos and pasta with ragù di cortile.

Company Profile

“We create a fairer and more sustainable value chain, with a strong commitment to People and Planet” Cielo e Terra has dual roots in the Veneto region: the Cielo family and the winemakers of the Cantine dei Colli Berici. The Cielo family’s bond with the land began in 1908 in the Vicenza countryside near the Castelli di Romeo e Giulietta (Castles of Romeo and Juliet), where great-grandfather Giovanni had bought a small farm with a vineyard. Grandfather Pietro continued to run the company with impassioned enthusiasm and social commitment. In the 1960s, the third generation, Giovanni, Renzo and Piergiorgio, built the new winery, a combination of tradition and innovative research with marked expansion at a national level. Cielo e Terra, with the merger of Cantine dei Colli Berici into the Collis Veneto Wine Group, expands its production base to more than 6000 hectares and 2000 winemakers between Vicenza and Verona. Today, Luca and Pierpaolo are at the helm of the company, supported by the longstanding partnership with the local vinegrowers.

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