Citra is a Consortium that reunites 9 Abruzzo’s cooperatives, it represents 3000 viticulture families, almost 6000 vineyard hectares and a production of almost 22 million bottles, with a total production of the associates of about 1.000.000 hectoliters.

Citra is among the most important wine producing realities in Abruzzo.

In 1973 the Consortium’s founders wanted to identify, already with the name’s choice, borrowed from Latin, a territory: Citra identified one of the 2 Principati in which Abruzzo was divided at the time of the Regno dei Borboni; a territory with which, from that time, this associative reality stabilized its permanent bond.

Citra’s headquarters are in Ortona in the Chieti province, between the Adriatico and the Majella, and the wine produced by the syndicated benefits from this lucky location. The vineyard surface represented by the Consortium comprehends almost all of the Chieti province and it extends from North to South for almost 80-90 km and for 40 km from the sea towards the inside. An extension and a terroir richness and micro-climates that can be found in the grapes and in the wines and which allows to realize a great range of DOC and IGT wines, with a prevalence of autochthone vineyards, among them Montepulciano, Trebbiano, Pecorino, Passerina, Montonico and Cococciola, but also the versatile Sangiovese and the main international vine varieties such as Chardonnay, Pinot, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon. There is a great presence of organic wines, wines without sulfites and sparkling wines both Classical and Martinotti method, a complete line.  As a whole, a producing richness which allows to offer a great product even in the most complicated years.

Citra’s mission from its birth has been to sustain and to promote the Abruzzo viticulture, represent a reference point for the local producing families, give a guide and a sustain during all the producing phases: from the territories work, activities in which the associates are supported by a team of agronomists, to the harvest, until the grapes crushing, the bottling and the perfectioning.

In almost 50 years, from the foundation, Citra represents today a global player in the world, with a distribution that reaches 50 Countries, and a presence in all the markets’ segments, on trade and off trade, from the food service to the supermarkets, to the presence in the main restaurants. The producing trends have always been growing in the past years. The presence abroad gives significant results: in the United Kingdom, Citra ranks among the top ‘Made in Italy’ brands by volume; the other markets of great distribution for Citra wines are Canada, Germany, US, Belgium, Japan and China.

The Citra Consortium praises one of the biggest coopers in the whole Center-South Italy, which can welcome more than wine 7000 hectoliters and it is destined to the perfectioning of the high-quality line products.

Citra is also an example of great modernity: its environmental sustainability model started in 2011, when a photovoltaic system of 200kwh and 0 impact was realized; the photovoltaic system sustains energetically the whole producing system. An important stage along this virtuous path is the recent recognition of the “Equalitas- sustainable organization” recognition from the Agroqualità certificating entity.

The Montepulciano Citra is “the most poured in the whole world” said the president Sandro Spella. A true Italian wine ambassador in the world, but first of all a witness of the cooperation essence.

The economic return on the territory of the Consortium’s activities represents the 38% of the company’s turnover; if we consider also the important function of value distribution which the consortium conducts towards the company’s collaborators and suppliers it is easy to understand the social relevance inherent in its identity.

An identity which is not made of laws and principles to follow, but rather of “WINES, FACES, VALUES”.