This product has a number of really powerful values that are challenging to add up since they each have a unique character that may be compared to that of a genuine symphony.
The uniqueness of pecorino as a vine comes first, followed by the production chain, which supports the company’s potential, and last but not least, its superb all-around expressive quality.
This is an exceptional pecorino, with a rich and broad aroma, a fresh amplitude of fruit and spices, that is welcoming and extremely harmonic.
It has an all-encompassing taste and a minerality on the palate that is amply underlined by the body. The finish is quite lengthy, and the flavor is round and balanced.
We experimented with a risotto with cuttlefish ink because we wanted to see how it would work together, and it really exhibited its surprise structure as a true Superiore, not only in the nomenclature.
We are confident that this vine, skilfully worked, can really be a true standard-bearer of the quality of this extraordinary region.

Company Profile

Citra is Abruzzo’s largest winegrowing community with some three thousand families, sharing (Values, Visages, Wines) a deeply ingrained code of values: respect for nature, intergenerational bonds, transmission of know-how from parent to child, and a time-honored ethic of production. Citra, founded in 1973, embraces nine wineries in the province of Chieti. The success of Codice Citra is the result of the marriage between technology, control, and the competencies of the pioneering producer in Abruzzo with a commitment to quality, regional distinction, and the stewardship of the particular traditions of its 3,000 member family winegrowers.

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