The expression “Valdobbiadene Dry Millesimato” is probably the most captivating in the panorama of Prosecco sparkling wines for its transversality in knowing how to embrace the multiple tastes of the consumer. In fact, the softness of its sip meets the pleasure of vast majority, especially of female palates who love the elegant roundness of the drink.
The Dry type, which we recall has a number of residual sugars equal to 24 grams per liter, is suitable for any occasion, a Valdobbiadene that Col Vetoraz wanted dynamic and of absolute quality. In fact, the grapes come from the most favorably exposed hills, harvested manually in a unique harvest like 2021 for the beauty of the raw material brought to the cellar. A vintage of great structure in an alcohol volume of 11.5 degrees that enhances the floreality of the fruit – strawberry tree, dandelion, lime – and the most typical notes of Glera: ripe pear, green apple, white peach.
The history of Col Vetoraz is intertwined with the viticulture of these hills which, modeled by the work of man, draw a landscape that is unique for its beauty. The vine found its home here eight hundred years ago, a heritage that Col Vetoraz decided to protect by reporting on the label the place of origin, Valdobbiadene, the Prosecco with a controlled and guaranteed designation of origin.
Excellent at any time of the day, very pleasant as an aperitif accompanied by shellfish and raw seafood.

Company Profile

“The only way to obtain the balance and the natural harmony that the vine gives us is following strictly a method that preserves the expressive integrity of the fruit”. It’s all resumed in these words by Loris Dall’Acqua, Col Vetoraz C.E.O. and oenologist, the philosophy of the wine company from Santo Stefano di Valdobbiadene (Treviso). Col Vetoraz every year follows the path marked by Nature, fully respecting the perfection with it gives birth to each grape of the prestigious sparkling wine. Conegliano Valdobbiadene hills, now officially UNESCO World Heritage Site, are an excellence in itself of undisputed uniqueness and immense cultural, historical, landscape value. A method of production aiming to the highest quality, following the criteria of an extreme respect confirms the company philosophy. This is combined with a quantitative aspect: the choice of having large volumes of winemaking, in order to make a careful selection of the best grapes from the slopes of the piedmont area, the most suitable for the cultivation of Valdobbiadene DOCG and where the harvest, in the absolute respect for the raw material, is performed strictly by hand and defined as heroic due to the extreme slope of the ground. The severe technique of transforming grapes into wine followed by Col Vetoraz, uses the best technology so as not to remove or add anything to what nature already offers through the bunch, in a virtuous circle that comes from Nature and go back to it. A method that has allowed the winery to become a reference point in the whole denomination for the excellence of its products, all strictly Valdobbiadene Docg. “We collect a quantity of grapes clearly superior to our needs (30-35% more) – explains Loris Dall’Acqua – preferring the calcareous and siliceous soils of Miocene origin with the greatest characteristics of excellence for the production of quality grapes, to finally choose only the best. We ask our winegrowers – continues the oenologist – to embrace the company production principles to avoid any kind of addition to wine during the bottling process. We work exclusively with physical-mechanical cleaning, starting from the grapes pressing, avoiding any treatment that could alter the natural harmony of the wine. I am convinced in fact that elegance, harmony and balance are the key to the pleasantness of our sparkling wines”. A path that allows Col Vetoraz to settle every year on over 2,300,000 kg of vinified DOCG grapes, from which, thanks to a deep respect for the raw material, Nature, is selected the annual production of 1,250,000 bottles: 20% of the grapes come from their own vineyards, the remaining part is grown by 72 trusted winegrowers, chosen over the years from those who respect Col Vetoraz quality criteria and to whom is offered direct agronomic advice. The result is a production of Valdobbiadene Docg’s highest level that has helped Col Vetoraz to become one of the most authoritative companies of the whole denomination, obtaining considerable awards both on national and international scenery. The absolute guarantee of excellence goes from the first to the last bottle of the vintage: Valdobbiadene Docg Superiore di Cartizze, Valdobbiadene Docg Dry Millesimato, Valdobbiadene Docg Extra Brut Ø, Valdobbiadene Docg Extra Dry, Valdobbiadene Docg Brut represent a single line of production for sparkling wines, all of them placed in the same high quality range.

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