Contadi Castaldi is a true example of continuity in research and evolution, a winery that is always attentive to the qualitative balance of its products.  The extra brut sparkling wine that we have tasted highlights the great ability to combine territory and blends: a sparkling wine of rare finesse and complexity, although in particular the harmony in this case also makes it capable of an exciting roundness.
In fact, harmony is the true union between the olfactory and the gustatory part, on the latter its marked minerality is clearly and precisely enhanced. The 2018 vintage was a particular one: the result of abundant rains in the winter months accompanied by a warm spring and a very sunny summer. The skilful work in the vineyard by Contadi Castaldi managed to enhance the grapes, and this is what clearly emerges at the taste of this extra brut.
An ample sparkling wine on the nose with fruit and aromatic herbs balanced in dried fruit, to then open up elegantly in the mouth, binding together in a true gustatory balance.
Dry, elegant and engaging, to be tried on dishes where the raw material is truly up to it.

Company Profile

Contadi Castaldi has a dynamic tradition, as deeply tied to its roots as it is lively and contemporary. The name is a synthesis of Franciacorta’s most ancient history: in medieval times, contadi were small territorial units renowned for excellent agricultural production, while castaldi were the lords who were entrusted with the government of the lands. Contadi Castaldi saw the light at the end of the 1980s, thanks to an intuition of Vittorio Moretti, who took over the old Biasca kiln building, bound to his wife Mariella’s childhood memories, and converted it into a modern winery, keeping intact the originality and linearity of the forms through a conservative restoration, making it suitable for the new needs without distorting it. Today the brand has reached enviable levels of quality and counts on more than 170 hectares of vineyards. It is this great heritage of vineyards, capable of providing a wide range of aromas and flavors, that defines the Contadi Castaldi style. The geological and microclimatic variations of the vineyards, the different cultivation methods, and the characteristics and varieties of the grapes are the winery’s secret. This is how the winery’s Metodo Franciacorta wines find their stylistic signature between balance and freshness, vision and territorial identity.

Contadi Castaldi
Via Colzano 32 Adro,
BS 25030 IT
+39 390 3074 5012