“Storica Riserva Barrique Millesimata” is one of the qualitative excellences by DOMENIS1898, an ancient distillery in the heart of Cividale del Friuli. This very Italian grappa was one of the most recognized ones in 2020, receiving notable accolades such as “excellent” at ESA, Excellence Spirits Award, “90” points by Falstaff, and a Silver Medal at the Spirits Selection by Concours Mondial de Bruxelles. Today, the fourth generation of the family, represented by Cristina Domenis, shows a further moment of growth for the Company: it has been able to create a product that is both new and fascinating, thanks also to mixology, responding more and more to the criteria of typicality that  set it apart to the territory. Fifty volumes of alcohol and a remarkable softness invite you to explore its qualities. Clear grappa, with an amber gold colour, it is a vintage aquavit obtained from the distillation of pomace, processed in a discontinuous direct steam copper plant with 8 stills.
Intensity, elegance, refinement characterize this gentle distillate, aged in carefully selected small French barrique, after a careful selection of the most suitable batch. Fragrant, enveloping, and complex in its aromas of star anise, cocoa, citrus, light puffs of liquorice, toasted walnuts, and hazelnuts, dried apricots and raisins, which give it a delicate and aromatic intensity. A delightful sip obtained thanks to over 120 years of knowledge of the distillation art.

Company Profile

DOMENIS1898, a story born in Cividale del Friuli over 120 years ago from a secret production method. An excellent distillery known to produce grappas with high alcohol content that today has reached its fourth generation with Cristina Domenis. A company that with great integrity has kept intact over time two key points: quality and customer satisfaction. Each generational change allowed to increase competence in the production field, improving the raw material and preserving the tradition. Domenis experience has also been put at the service of the national and regional enhancement of grappa: Silvano Domenis, President of the Consortium for the Protection of Friulan Grappa for about 25 years, has participated in the elaboration of the European Council regulation which since 1989 has allowed the use of the term “grappa” only for pomace distillates produced in Italy.

Via Darnazzacco 30 Cividale del Friuli, UD 33043 IT
+39 0432 731023