An entire administrative territory identifies a very small denomination – Tollo or Tullum – but very ancient, dating back to the Roman period. Wine cells and wine “dolie” are the witness of an ancestral culture and of the first simple vinifications, now successfully pursued by wineries such as Feudo Antico. An archaeological oasis guardian of the territory and a viticulture of hilly vineyards have made it possible to identify the most suitable areas for producing the best, an excellence that we find in every glass of Feudo Antico’s wine.
Rosso Riserva Tullum DOCG, in one of the best vintages like 2016, emerges for a vinification that rediscovers the territorial matrix. A strong character and significant quality offer a taste experience that moves around the flavors, smells and sensations that are the custodians of the place. Like the aromatic and saline tone of the sea, the sustainable and biological dimension of nature, the peculiar microclimate to build an olfactory bouquet of dark red fruits, roses and juniper berries, black tea and chinotto. Silky, enveloping mouth, offers a perfectly integrated enjoyable tannin of a structure of great balance.
To be tasted by imagining walking through the vineyards.

Company Profile

Feudo Antico begins its project of spreading and promoting the Abruzzo wine culture, and specifically the Tollese one, in 2004 through the distribution of wines of great value and quality. In Tollo we have been winemakers for generations and from our experience in the area comes the desire to enhance it and make it renowned. Constantly committed to preserving the environment, we aim to restore the venue that hosts us to its ancient splendor: a place that set its roots on a millenary winemaking tradition, capable of telling the history and cultural identity of a unique community and territory. The attachment to ancient roots did not stop us from exploring cutting-edge production techniques, without losing focus on the raw materials’ quality: our grapes, our terroir, our people and our wine culture.

Feudo Antico
Contrada San Pietro 25
Tollo, CH 66010 IT
+39 0871 962 5253

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