Tasting a wine from Gotto d’oro means immersing oneself in the identity of the hills near Rome and being able to taste the history of a territory that for decades has been wisely cultivated by this cooperative, which aims at quality and prestige values that are recognized internationally each year.

The Roma DOC in the range of the company’s quality line called “Vinea Domini” is a clear example of perseverance, knowledge, and coordination among the people who work internally, from the agricultural level to the winemaking one, to obtain the best from the winemakers who make up this cellar.

The Malvasia Puntinata we tasted today, which is part of that line, opens in the glass with an intriguing gold yellow color with brilliant shades. On the nose, it offers perfumes of summer fresh fruit, vivid citrus scents, and a note of aromatic herbs that completes the olfactory aspect.

In the mouth, the olfactory sensations emerge fully with a harmonious balance between minerality (the soils are, in fact, of igneous and clay origin) and sapidity, with both structure and body that are significant and merge in a long finish that is not easily forgotten.

There are many pairings that can be made with this Malvasia Puntinata, as it has all the characteristics to accompany savory vegetable pies, fresh pasta with tomato-based sauces, baked fish, or a great Catalan shrimp and red onion.

Company Profile

Gotto d’oro has traveled a journey along its tradition, innovating from the classic fiasco of the 1940s to the Classica line of magnums, the pride and strength of the cooperative in its evolution, recognizing in the iconic one and a half liter bottle of Marino Doc a Italian brand, a success that over time has made Castelli wine a product within everyone’s reach: a wine that has not shied away from large-scale distribution, but rather thanks to it it has reached the world without ever losing the charm and quality of “wine shop” wine. Precisely in this segment, Gotto d’oro is working successfully thanks to the charm and design of the Vinea Domini line, capable to bring the best wines from Lazio and the Doc Roma to triumph in the majority great Roman and international restaurants.

Via del Divino Amore, 347 Marino, RM 00047 IT
+39 06 9302 2211 – info@vineadomini.it

Cantina Gottodoro Marino
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