A small group of volcanic hills, delightfully surrounded by an expanse of vineyards, rise continuously and can be seen from the city of Rome and Lazio coast. We are in the Castelli Romani area, which covers a group of ​​14 municipalities where a modern set of rules gives space to the ampelographic varieties of the province of Rome.
From volcanic and tufaceous soils the numerous indigenous grapes find a dimension of full correspondence to the terroir. Among them the varietal Malvasia Puntinata, a white grape variety with a medium-large bunch, golden yellow color with the characteristic dots that completely cover it, once explanted because it was considered too delicate.
With the Vinea Domini line, the winery’s excellence production, Gotto d’oro wanted to give space to the wine tradition and maximum value to single varieties, vinifying them carefully to have full white recognition.
Vinea Domini Malvasia Puntinata has got a lashing expression, pleasantly citrusy in its herbaceous touch that like a mentholated caress pushes the nose to memories of sage. A dry, vibrant, fresh white wine, with a savory and mineral palate. A sip of pure aromatic elegance, to be served at a temperature of 10 degrees in combination with fresh cheeses, rustic pies and vegetable flans.

Company Profile

Vinea Domini is the project implemented by the historic Gotto d’oro cooperative, born with the idea of enhancing the most suitable vineyards of the many winemakers who have always given their grapes to the cellar. The name is important, because the wines that for some time have made up an articulated range of whites and reds are important. The focus is on the great appellations of Lazio and the region’s native grape varieties, but also on some international varieties that are well acclimatized in the territories of the Castelli Romani, hilly area located in the south-east of Rome. The first products were born with the 2017 harvest: six monovarietal, three whites Chardonnay, Sauvignon and Viognier and three reds Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Petit Verdot. Currently there are 13 labels: added to those already mentioned, in 2019 the line expanded with four symbolic wines of the Region: Frascati Superiore Docg, Cesanese del Piglio Docg, but above all Roma Doc Bianco and Roma Doc Rosso, two expressions of a denomination created to enhance the vineyards surrounding the eternal city. In this case, only the natives are on the scene. The tribute to Rome, however, does not end here: in 2020 two other labels were released, taken from typical expressions of Roman slang: Luccicore and Friccicore, respectively a white – with intense aromatic sensations – and a rosé, fresh, vital and drinkable, the range ends with a Vermentino Vendemmia Tardiva. A beautiful project, which gives value to the historic cooperative of Marino and its contributing grape growers. But above all it creates value around Rome, in the Castelli area, an area of great wine-growing vocation for many varieties, starting with traditional grapes that are the mirror of an entire territory.

Gotto d’oro Società Cooperativa
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Marino, RM 00047 IT

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