With the great privilege of representing the Eternal City, Vinea Domini Roma DOC Rosso is a great protagonist born from the desire to enhance the native Lazio vines by providing them a place in a wine world brimming with variety.
Among the varieties that have existed in the Castelli Romani region since before phylloxera, Montepulciano is without a doubt one of the best. This grape thrives in an ideal microclimate, one that is supported by ideal temperature excursions due in part to the presence of the two lakes of Castel Gandolfo and Nemi. Volcanic tuffaceous lava soils have a good structural contribution.
Roma DOC Rosso, based on Montepulciano and Sangiovese, is a wine that defies conventions, is observant and terroir-driven, well-made and qualitatively distinct, and capable of representing an increasingly stimulating central Italy.
It displays roundness and pulp, a sweet vein, and the maturity of the red fruit. This leaves a palate of pleasantness and a young power that is gracefully expressed in a direct and rich flavor. Blackberries, plums, and cherries in jam, as well as sweet spices, are all prominent in the scent.
Direct and frank, it goes well with a platter of mixed cheeses and roasted porcini mushrooms.

Company Profile

Gotto d’oro winery preserves the ancient wine making tradition of the fertile Castelli Romani area to the south of Rome, which traces its roots back to Roman times, and gives the company its brand name “Gotto” (goblet).
In fact, the term derives from the Latin guttus, an alternative form of gutus (jug or flask), and indicates a vessel used for drinking wine.
The international reputation of Grotto d’oro’s products is such that they have come to be associated with the history and monuments of Rome itself, the Eternal City.

Gotto d’oro Società Cooperativa
Via del Divino Amore, 347
Marino, RM 00047 IT

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