Green Wine Future 2022 began May 23, 2022 with several keynote addresses and sessions by notable personalities both inside and outside the wine business. Wines of Chile and California Wine hosted the first two or eight global locations of the virtual conference.

Green Wine Future by Wineally is the sixth edition of a conference pioneered in 2006 under the name of the World Conference on Climate Change & Wine. This 2022 edition is being held virtually from eight world time zones, including host regions of Chile, California, South Africa, Portugal, Spain, France, Barossa Australia, and New Zealand.

Day one of the Conference began in the Santiago de Chile time zone, with welcomes by founders Pancho Campo, David Furer, and Michael Wangbickler, as well as Ole Nielsen of Wineally, the title sponsor for the event, and the Honorable Melani Mark, British Columbia Minister of Tourism. Wines of Chile hosted the morning sessions with Aurelia Montes greeting guests. California Wines hosted the afternoon sessions, with Robert Koch of the California Wine Institute welcoming attendees to the North American section of the program.

Keynotes of the day included Greg Jones, CEO of Abacela wines who has been involved in research regarding climate change for decades. Jones kicked off the conference and gave the attendees an update on climate change and the latest discoveries. Natalia Bayona, Director of Innovation, Education and Investment for the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) closed the morning sessions with a presentation on sustainable tourism.

The afternoon began with a keynote address by wine legend Miguel Torres, President of Torres Family Vineyards who has been an advocate for more sustainable winery/vineyard operations for more than a decade. The day concluded with an address by Pau Roca, Director General of the International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV) concerning climate change and its implications on the future of the wine business.

The sessions of the day included subjects such as:

  • Green House Gas Emissions: Identification, Education, And Mitigation
  • Can Sustainability and Luxury Products Coexist?
  • Sustainable Winemaking Practices: Why and How?
  • The Past, Present, And Future of Old Vines
  • Harnessing New Technologies & Services to Build Greater Sustainability
  • Sustainable Finances and ESG

Day two of the Green Wine Future conference will include keynotes by:

  • Hans Schultz, President of Geisenheim University
  • Paul Colditz, Commercial Manager for Fairtrade Africa Southern Africa Network
  • Kim Nicholas, Sustainability Scientist at Lund University and Author of Under the Sky we Make
  • Clarence Louie, Chief of the Osoyoos Indian Band

It will also include sessions on:

  • Biodiversity and the Vineyard of Tomorrow
  • The Future of Wine Tourism
  • What Is Carbon Sequestration and Why Should We Care?
  • The Porto Protocol
  • The Ups & Downs of Vineyard Locations
  • Greening The Supply Chain

The event has the support of the OIV, California Wines, Wines of Chile, Barossa Australia, Thompson Okanagan Tourism Organization, Interprofesional del Vino de España, Viniportugal, Wines of South Africa and many of the world’s leading wineries.

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