Sustainability, climate change, wine tourism and ecological business opportunities: these are just some of the main topics of the upcoming Green Wine Future event, which will take place simultaneously in different countries from 23 to 26 May 2022. It will be an ideal occasion to discuss the challenges that the wine business is facing today and to provide solutions to specific issues.

The conference will be broadcast in four languages (English, Spanish, French, and Italian) from eight distinct time zones around the world: the United States, Chile, Portugal, Spain, France, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.

“Our goal is to host the largest and most ambitious environmental conference ever held for the wine industry, unifying the entire trade around the most pressing issue that our society and our sector are facing”. Thus Pancho Campo briefly introduces his ambitious project.

Tell us something more about Green Wine Future 2022: what can we expect from the upcoming edition?

Green Wine Future 2022 will carry on a project that began in 2006 with the first international conference on climate change and wine; since that edition (held in Spain), we have organized many other international conferences in Hong Kong, Portugal and other parts of the world with the most influential names in the wine industry and world leaders such as US President Barack Obama, Nobel laureate Al Gore and United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan, among many others.

Compared to previous editions, in which the main theme was climate change, in 2022 we will address many other aspects relating to the environment. We will analyze and present the most recent information on topics such as renewable energy, regenerative viticulture, sustainable wine tourism, packaging, and the consumer’s involvement in the wine supply chain.
In this edition we will also denounce unethical activities such as green washing, a topic we have never addressed directly before.

Why did you decide to host the conference online across different counties and time zones?

Wine is a unique industry that thrives on fairs, tastings, and face-to-face interactions. However, we are living in a very peculiar historical period that makes it difficult (and sometimes almost impossible) to move from one country to another. Even attending virtual activities can sometimes be challenging; it may be unsettling to participate in live events that take place in different time zones.

We therefore decided to opt for a digital and simultaneous communication method for three fundamental reasons:

  • Logistical considerations: the choice to host a virtual conference was undoubtedly influenced by the pandemic. Because of the pandemic’s restrictions, certain countries are currently in lockdown or in unstable situations, and we want to make the event available to everyone. We believe that this new structure will inspire people from all over the world to participate in their local time zone.
  • Lower Carbon Emissions: virtual trade shows are undoubtedly more sustainable as they reduce the carbon emissions of organizers, speakers, attendees and sponsors. Fewer long-distance trips help to lower the carbon impact significantly, while also representing a significant savings for the participants.
  • Testing new technologies: we are teaming up with Hopin, one of the most sophisticated firms in the world of event virtual technology. Thanks to their support, we will have access to a totally virtual fair as well as cutting-edge networking infrastructure. This technology will enable wineries and winemakers to display their products and services at the Green Wine Future Virtual Expo.

What changes and innovations will there be for the speakers?

The next edition of Green Wine Future will allow speakers to present their information in a totally new way, with a hands-on approach through filming, documentaries and live broadcasts. Green Wine Future aspires to be completely visual, interactive, and unique, which is why it will incorporate live videos from vineyards and cellars.
We are expecting more than 100 speakers from all over the world, ranging from major personalities in the wine industry to specialists from other sectors, international leaders and even celebrities with expertise in the field of wine or the environment. Among the confirmed speakers are Francis Ford Coppola, Trudie Styler, Gaia Gaja, Riccardo Cotarella, and Roger Boulton.

The complete programme, which includes conferences in Chile, California (May 23), Portugal and South Africa (May 24), Spain and France (May 25), New Zealand and Australia (May 26), is available at this link.