It is now well known, the welcome at the winery is the new calling card in the world of wine. Wine tourism has become one of the main opportunities to convey the values of your company and tell the story of the quality of your wines. And such an important activity cannot be left in the hands of just anyone, right?

It’s not just about offering a high-quality tasting, but about creating an unforgettable experience that can attract, engage, and retain the right target of visitors. This is the task of the Wine Hospitality Manager.

Why a Wine Hospitality Manager is essential

Hiring someone to handle hospitality just for the season might seem like a practical solution, but it does not guarantee the level of professionalism and competence necessary to truly evolve the business. Do not make the mistake of thinking that just anyone capable of managing a tasting well (a task already complex in itself) will suffice.

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A qualified Wine Hospitality Manager possesses a set of key skills that allow you to develop your wine tourism business and present your company as it deserves:

  1. Management of visit experiences: Ability to create and manage unique and personalized visit experiences, responding to the needs and desires of different customer segments.
  2. Marketing and promotion strategies: Development of effective marketing and promotion strategies to attract new visitors, sell wine, and retain them through proper profiling and email marketing activities.
  3. Development of events and activities: Ideation and management of events (including co-marketing with major brands), tastings, tours, and other activities that can increase the visibility and prestige of the company.
  4. Team management: Coordination and training of hospitality staff to ensure high-quality service.
  5. Analysis and reporting: Monitoring the performance of hospitality activities through data analysis and reporting, in order to continuously optimize the adopted strategies. Trust WinePeople Talent to find your next Wine Hospitality Manager

Finding the right person for this role is a delicate and complex process that requires expertise and attention. Relying on the Talent section of WinePeople means having a team of experts dedicated to the selection of qualified professionals in the wine hospitality sector.

WinePeople Talent adopts a structured selection process, designed to identify candidates with the necessary skills and experience to take your business to the next level. Our specialized database is full of profiles of professionals who have demonstrated excellence in the field of wine hospitality.