Creativity is the beating heart of the new Arconvert Innovation & Inspiration catalog, for, through inspiration and innovation, creativity has always been the basis of every development process. Dedicated to the most innovative and inspired minds of our time, such as, for example, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk or Banksy, this new catalog looks forward both in terms of technology and aesthetics.

The Waterproof, X-DryTM and H+OpacityTM technologies are specially developed for white, rosé and sparkling wines and are able to preserve the beauty of the label and maintain its initial opacity and integrity even when subjected to the stress of the ice bucket, temperature changes and condensation from the fridge. Combined with the Ultra WSTM treatment, which acts as a barrier ensuring greater adaptability and stability of the label on the bottle and the new permanent adhesive SH9020TM, which improves the label adhesion even in critical conditions, Arconvert’s high-tech self-adhesive papers prevent the formation of wrinkles and bubbles allowing to maintain a prinstine label until the last drop of wine. But, Arconvert has also thought about high-end cosmetics and food specialties as well as the wine sector. GreasproofTM technology is a surefire anti-stain treatment which, pulp-added, ensures that the label remains immaculate even if the oil or grease attack its edges. For small and medium print runs, there is also IDPTM technology developed together with HP for Indigo digital printing.

Despite nowadays’ many forms of communication, labels continue to be the most powerful tool for brands that want to leave an indelible mark on consumers’ mind, starting from the first glance on the shelf. That’s why Innovation & Inspiration contains FSC certified self-adhesive papers featuring unique textures and colors, designed for imaginative and innovative labels. Innovation & Inspiration papers open up a world of creative possibilities for premium labels thanks to their high printability and versatility and stand out through the 14 spectacular labels contained in the catalog. 

Designed by Stefano Torregrossa, brilliant and multitalented art director of O,nice! Design studio (, the labels celebrate some of the most inventive minds of our time. The designer cleverly took advantage of the paper textures – embossed, felt-marked or embellished with pearlescent effects. He used embossing printing technique to highlight the higher grammage of some papers and chose the pulp-colored ones to show how to solve the problem of the white edge of the label. The labels are small works of art printed in Bolzano by La Commerciale Borgogno ( Each label meets multiple printing needs and reminds us, among others, of the genius of Coco Chanel and TimBL, the inventor of the internet, or of the sublime elegance of Roberto Bolle.