Now more than ever the international wine community is turning to science as it confronts the major issues facing the planet. Professor Scienza is one of the preeminent voices in the field of agricultural and food sciences and his collaboration with the Italian Wine Podcast means that for the first time his expertise and experience is now reaching a global audience, as his weekly podcast series, Everybody Needs a Bit of Scienza, answers questions from the international wine community. The 100th edition of Everybody Needs a Bit of Scienza with Professor Attilio Scienza and Stevie Kim has been released on Friday 6 May 2022.

Scienza has enjoyed a long and illustrious academic career at the University of Milan and is a much sought-after oenological consultant, as well as a prolific author and public speaker. He is president of Italy’s influential National Wine Committee and Chief Scientist of Vinitaly International Academy, the gold standard of Italian wine education. A polymath and gifted communicator, Professor Scienza’s expertise spans genetics, geography and geology, as well as history, anthropology and classical mythology. A regular feature at the top of the Wine Power List, this year a new category was created for three figures who exceed the traditional ranking system and occupy a place of absolute prestige: inevitably Professor Scienza was included in this specially created Top of the Top category.

Stevie Kim, founder of the Italian Wine Podcast, said “One of the most influential scientists of his generation, Professor Scienza enjoys a cult status in the Italian wine community. Over the years he’s taught and mentored countless students, including many who have gone on to achieve great things in the wine industry. We are delighted that in this series of podcasts the professor’s wisdom and expertise is now reaching a truly global audience and that we’ve achieved this significant milestone together”.

Professor Attilio Scienza said: “More than ever science can provide answers to the most pressing issues facing the planet, including climate change, genetics and the drive towards greater sustainability. By understanding and harnessing not only science, but also history and anthropology, the global wine community can confront these issues from a position of authority. This series of podcasts is an important realization of that idea.”