Italy is a multi-faceted country, the beauty of its culture, art, history, landscapes and food make the Italian peninsula a place where all these features intertwine harmoniously.

And all these characteristics are linked by a single thread: wine, capable of creating authentic and harmonious relationships and experiences.

This is why we at Wine Meridian, we have decided to embark on a journey around Italy, with the aim of giving voice to and promoting all those wineries that, alongside wine production, have decided to implement Hospitaluty services aimed at welcoming tourists and sharing with them the art of Italian good living.

A 7000km long campervan trip is taking us to see the hidden treasures of the Italy of wine, with the desire to live authentic and one of a kind wine experiences that only Italy can offer.

The wineries we have visited so far and told about have been:

Roeno: a family team dedicated to hospitality in the Terradeiforti, between Veneto and Trentino.

Borgo Conventi: where professionalism and attention to detail come from the human resources who have welcomed us.

Cantarutti: where the authenticity of hospitality comes through the authentic narration of Antonella and Fabrizio and the longevity of their wines.

Cà del Bosco: The most famous winery in Franciacorta, where hospitality has been customised at its best, to enhance its prestige.

Kettmeir: The winery that represents an excellent example of the meaning of the wine experience in Alto Adige; where all the components starting from the human aspect are in perfect synchrony.

Pojer e Sandri: Where involvement and entertainment are the keywords of Hospitality company in Trentino.

Villa Franciacorta: Where a constant investment is made in the ability to grow and make the visitor feel like royalty.

Tenuta di Montemagno: Where you can enjoy an exclusive Hospitality experience in their spectacular resort in Piedmont.

Podere Conca: In the charming Tuscan Bolgheri, you can enjoy a complete and evocative wine tourism experience.

Casale del Giglio: This winery in Lazio, with an archaeological site and a natural oasis, welcomes guests for a memorable experience.

Bortolomiol: In the Prosecco area, a company that offers a complete 360° wine tourism experience.

Montelio: The company which in the Oltrepò Pavese welcomes guests, immersing them in an experience full of anecdotes and culture.

Selva Capuzza: The winery near Lake Garda, which has three levels of hospitality united with sensitivity and harmony.

Tenuta di Artimino: A Tuscan jewel for wine enthusiasts with the utmost attention to wine and hospitality.

And many more others…

But our Tour is not over yet! Follow us on our social media channels, Instagram, where we may speak Italian but the passion for wine is not limited by the spoken language nor place of origin.

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