The hills of the Breganze area, near the city of Vicenza, are particularly suited also for international grapes. The mineral composition of the soils and the excellent breezes of the Venetian foothills contribute vigorously to the creation of blends linked to harmony and good drinkability.

Ardivo is a concrete example of this versatility, two grape varieties in our opinion “noble” such as Chardonnay and Pinot Bianco, with the character transmitted by the founder Livio Seganfreddo, are able to give the taster that pleasure combined with the experiential values ​​of this family.

The fruity notes typical of the vines come out cleanly on the nose, also thanks to a completely steel processing after careful selection of the raw material in the vineyard.

Ardivo is presented in the glass with brilliant hues in its bright yellow color.

Hints of Williams pear and yellow apple accompany the elegance of Chardonnay to the nose, while the component of finesse and acidity, on the other hand, allows Pinot Bianco to assemble itself with increasing vigor in this very well structured white wine while remaining soft and easy drink.

In fact, the entrance to the palate allows you to perceive the right ripeness of the grapes, thanks to a cleanliness and a very well balanced body.

A white wine with the potential of longevity, the mineral acid notes are in fact very well marked in this product.

It goes well with dishes even of medium structure, while remaining an excellent aperitif accompanied by croutons of anchovies and Taggiasca olives.

We tasted it together with a savory pie with zucchini flowers and fresh scamorza and immediately a splendid harmony of flavors was born.

Company Profile
The winery Al Monte di Livio is located in Colceresa, Vicenza, overlooking the hills of Breganze, an area renowned for its viticultural vocation. The vineyard surface covers 10 hectars and the grapes are homegrown. This is where the passion for the production of wines emboding the history and the flavours of this territory originated. Here, following Livio’s values and teachings, the second generation of the Seganfreddo family carries on the work in the name of tradition and innovation. The soils are characterized by the presence of volcanic rocks both sedimentary and with basic chemism. The soil structure is of medium texture with some medium fine areas and a moderately rapid drainage capability. The soil permeability is medium-high with low limestone content (<5%) and common to low skeleton content (5-15%). The soil goes from deep to less deep, with fine texture, gravelly or medium poor skeleton, neutral and non-calcareous reaction, with good to medium drainage. The vineyards are between 20 and 30 years old with 1900/2000 strains per hectare, whereas the new plantings have 3500/4000 strains per hectare. The vines are cultivated according to Guyot and double Guyot methods. Each vineyard has its own characteristics in terms of exposure, altitude and soil composition which make it unique. These are the optimal characteristics for the generous and selected Al Monte di Livio wine production.

Al Monte di Livio
Via Fratta 83 Colceresa, VI 36064 IT
Tel +39 0424 708180

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