Salento area, characterized by an all-Mediterranean microclimate of sun and wind, offers a happy combination for the production of wines that are very close to the definition of “natural”. Like Terragnolo, Apollonio’s Primitivo, reveals important characteristics of geographical connotation, conveying to the palate a pleasantness of drink addressed to the contemporary taste, always well balanced between the vine and its conformity to the type.

To trace the strength of Salento the centenary winery Apollonio, an all-Italian protagonist since 1870 of an important qualitative and freeing path of local native berries.

Terragnolo is a full, strongly balanced wine, with an important alcohol volume but well integrated into the dense texture of body, acidity and tannin. A palate of volume and elegance that flows lightly, told by an aromatic breadth of dark plum and delicate floral nuances that are complemented with hints of wood, tobacco leaves and black tea.

Wine of character, it is successfully completed in a gastronomy based on game, lamb, roasted pork, without disdaining sauces and aged cheeses.

Company Profile

This is a story of land and passion, that of the Apollonio family; inextricably linked to the destiny of a winery by the same name and that today exports its wines to over 30 different countries around the world. It continues to produce wine using the same methods dear to its founders, while applying the most advanced technologies through the optimization of their production process, down to the marketing of its labels. The Apollonio winery’s history took root in 1870. Since then, particular attention has been paid to the valorization of Salento’s main grape varieties (mainly Negroamaro and Primitivo, but also Malvasia nera, Susumaniello, Bianco d’Alessano), to the careful selection of the types of wood used for the long ageing processes and to the strong link with the territory which has always been the champion of quality production.

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