French roots and that uniqueness of the wine world re-written from varieties on American vine rootstocks. Enantio, rustic vine variety from Vitis Silvestris and 1865, the break date that decided the “disharm” of the wine world towards phylloxera, a tamed aphid and a true natural calamity.

But, 1865 is also the date to refer to in order to rewrite the vine variety, while what persisted to the deviation has today even more important roots.

Time counts: 150 years and an almost extinguished vineyard like the indented-leave Lambrusco, local autochthone denomination given by the Azienda Agricola Roeno thanks to the big and precise attention.

In Brentino Belluno (VR) the maps vineyards Fg. 9 part. 00138 and Fg. 12 Part. 00032 are proof of an irreproducible authenticity.

Strength and character distinguish a sip with no abundance, well-articulated in its shades taste-olfactory.

Carnation, mixed berries, tobacco, blackberry and a little bit of black spices keep an aristocratic and, at the same time, a very intimate line. Well-rounded tannin, persistent ending.

Highly expressive combined to hare loin’s with mashed potatoes and chestnuts.

Company Profile

A unique identity that has been handed down for generations. The Fugatti family represents a sum of feelings that memory has handed down, beyond the bond of blood. A tree whose many branches have indicated the way to follow, in which respect and humility represent the values ​​not to be forgotten. On the banks of the Adige river, under the gaze of Monte Baldo, the Terradeiforti stretches out, a border outpost where nature designs a territory with an ancient and timeless charm. Don’t stop. Experiment and dare. This is the summary of the recipe that has guided us so far. Renew without losing the thread of memories, challenging the future through the search for new stimuli and new goals to reach.

Cantina Roeno
Via Mama, 5 – Loc. Belluno Veronese
Tel: +39 045 723 01 10 

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