The best Sangiovese grapes from the Chianti Classico area, Barberino Tavernelle, the only ones that can boast the symbol of the Black Rooster, make up a taste that blends with time. A talented glass, Chianti Classico is a wine evocative of the place of origin, attributable to that Tuscan tradition which in its recognizability communicates strength, beauty, austerity.

A bond of tradition that is told in a Reserve stripped of all frills, a syllogism of meticulous work, selection, sorting, manual skills, enthusiasm and expectations. Brilliant ruby ​​red, as only Sangiovese can be, it has the refined trait of scents of violet, leather, dark plums and wild blackberries, orange blossom and coriander. A wine to be approached with the head but above all with the soul, with a vigorous substance, with smooth and velvety tannins, with balanced fragrances measured in the wise use of wood, in refinements in barriques that show themselves in the structure, less in the substance of the aromas.

Casa Sola is the beauty of living in the vineyard, comfortably seated on the sofa at home. The suggested pairing is with Tuscan Pici with wild boar ragout.

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With a priceless view of the towers of San Giminiano, Casa Sola is located in the west of Chianti Classico 35 km from the center of Florence and just under 40 from Siena. At the end of the 50’s at the time of purchase, the company was based on the sharecropping system to the maximum diversification of production. From nuts to wheat through all kinds of vegetables and fruits, some olive trees and only partly covered by vineyards. It was a happy intuition to extend the areas of vines and olive trees, leaving the small family garden and the surrounding lush woods to preserve biodiversity. The grapes of Sangiovese in the territory of San Donato in Poggio, give a wine with aristocratic personality, mineral and intense, durable and elegant. But the excellent results of our wines do not only derive from the fortunate position of our vineyards, they are also the result of rigorous agronomic, wine and wine practices that obsession with quality requires us to adopt in every step of the creation of a wine.

Casa Sola
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