A great wine, an elegant interpretation of a Bordeaux cut that Casale del Giglio produces with great skill. International vines that benefit from a genius loci marked by a geographical area that has always valued Merlot; pedological matrices of Agropontino that also offer to Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot, according to the first tangible evidence of adaptation to the Pontine microclimate, the ideal terroir. An activity of viticultural experimentation started in 1985, central point of the philosophy of Casale del Giglio and told by an assembly in equal parts that follows the oenological models of one of the most suitable terroir in the world. 

Deep wine, not very insidious, offers sensations that reinterpret the gustatory trajectories of a Bordeaux complex. The ruby red chromatism enhances the richness of the nose built on a beautiful varietal note, complemented by the undergrowth, entrusted to empyrrhematic shades, red citrus, truffle, a hint of graphite, offering the palate an impeccable glass, velvety, linear in tannins. 

A real little masterpiece with an overwhelming personality, to enjoy combined with game or aged cheeses. 

Company Profile

Casale del Giglio has always been motivated by the desire to produce top quality, fairly-priced wines in a swathe of land, the Agro Pontino, little known until recently for its viticutural potential. Fascinated by the Agro Pontino, Dino Santarelli founded the company there, in the village of Le Ferriere. This was in 1967 and the beginning of what was to become a far-reaching research and experimentation programme when he was joined by his son Antonio and the talented winemaker, Paolo Tiefenthaler. The aim of the programme, conducted on 180 acres of vineyard, has been, and still is, twofold: first to favour those cultivars which, by their nature and through targeted management, have proved to interact most successfully with the soil and climate of the territory; second to rediscover and restore the status of native vines once thought to be obsolete, such as Biancolella di Ponza, Bellone di Anzio, Cesanese di Olevano Romano and Pecorino di Accumoli. Casale del Giglio currently offers a range of twenty-five products – ten white wines, one rosé, nine reds, one passito, three grappas and an extra virgin olive oil.

Casale del Giglio
Strada Cisterna Nettuno KM13
Le Ferriere, LT 04100 IT
+39 06 9290 2530

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